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Psychological Report Assignment

Added on -2019-09-16

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1PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORTIntroductionArthur is a student of 7th grade who is 12 years old. He is a student with good academicbackground. According to the case he was actively involved in all the classroom activities andperformed excellent in academics. But recently his behavior is changed as his progress inacademics is decreasing and his work is poorly organized and incomplete. He feels fatigue inclassrooms and he is deprived of sleep. Because of that he lost his things and becomeargumentative. His mood also fluctuates quite often. The main reason behind this referral is thatthis child was previously performing well and he does not suffer from any major illness as well.Sudden change in behavior of Arthur is the question to be addressed.Parents are making this referral on the request of teachers of Arthur. Since it is a referral by aparent for the concern of their child, the assessment needs to be done with utmost care and bydeclaring every cause identified in his evaluating tests. A very transparent method ofexamination should be done in these cases as it is related to the parent-child bond. The intendedcustomer for this report is every stakeholder who is directly or indirectly related to Arthurbecause this problem can arise to any child of his age as he is going through adolescence(Gunnar, et al., 2013). So the assessment results and major cause behind this behavior and thetackling tactics should be discussed with every child of Arthur’s age and their parents, teachersand the practitioners of medicines.Data AnalysisThe most effective way to organize the data is by giving a brief about the case of child. Thendiscussing the various tests used to assess the behavior of child and conferring the test results ofthe child. After the results, a conclusion and recommendation to the parent and every other
2PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORTstakeholder should be provided and necessary means to tackle the child’s issue should beaddressed. In order to make this information understandable and useful for the readers, we mustdetail about the case history, the probable cause behind this issue, the necessary tests done onchild, the results obtained from those tests and the recommendation and medication advised forthe child in simple and empathetic manner as the intended reader of this report might beindirectly or directly involved with the child’s welfare or they might face the same issue in future(De Los Reyes, A. 2017). The Children like Arthur are often perceived with misconceptions andmisunderstood because this is the time frame when they leave their childhood and get convertedto adulthood. The behavior as observed in Arthur are commonly seen in adolescence andcharacterized as issues like problems relating to performance in schools, cheating, lying,rebellious behavior, disrespect and disobedience, rivalry with siblings, negative attitude, alcoholand drug abuse, peer pressure, sexuality issues and depression.ObservationUsing the field notes provided and, referring to the specific testing instruments and methodsused, describe the pertinent client behaviors and test conditions relevant to test outcomes andconclusions. The client, i.e., Arthur was observed in classroom and while conducting tests. Whileobserving his behavior in class, the substitute teacher compared his behavior with other peersand it was observed that he was not concentrating on his studies and also required many promptsfrom his teacher to concentrate on the assignment. His homework was also observed thoroughly.In the test observations, it was found that he was not conversing spontaneously as he was givingdelayed responses to the examiner. He was giving brief replies to the queries regarding hisactivities of interest. Since he was awake till 2 a.m. the night before, he was continuously

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