Operant Conditioning Psychology Discussion (PDF)

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Psychology Discussion Forum 6.2Topic:Instructions:1 page with, Single Line Spacing, Must have “Quote” from text (Chapter 7)Answer the following questions as a discussion post:Does behaviorism effectively reduce the control of human behavior to nothing more than theproduct of rewards and punishment?Do you agree or disagree with Skinner that humans have no free will and are simply productsof their environment?What role does Skinner's behaviorism have in how we learn?1. The behavior of human teaches us to respond to reward and punishment. And human usuallygives a toffee or chocolate to the kid for good behavior or scold them if they are doing anythingwrong. Right from their starting days, humans have been trained. And once we learn to start ourjourney, humans are ready for punishments as well as rewards.There are two theories namely, classical conditioning and operant conditioning which fulfill theneed of the question. The classical conditioning theory says that it is a modification in thebehavior by which a subject comes to respond in an anticipated way before neutral stimulus thathas constantly been presented along with an undefined stimulus that provokes the anticipatedresponse.The operant conditioning theory is a way of learning that comes through punishment and rewardsfor behavior. By this punishment and rewards, the suggestion is complete between a behavior,and it is importance for that behavior.2. The free will is very tough issue because it shows collision among two different, however it isalso legal perceptions. Within the psychology that there is no consensus as to whether wereallydo have free will – many of our field seems to assume that we do not. Skinner does notagree much on, but one thing they did agree that behavior of human was influenced by insiderand the outsider. Freud says thatunconsciousfights as reasons of behavior, and Skinner saysabout environmental possibilities.3. We can see that Skinner work was the answer to the questions like, how human learns, he verywell specified us that genetic matters, pavlovian conditioning matters, and human & other thingsthat included in the mechanism that allow feedback from the environment so that we can shapeour behavior Skinner called this process operant conditioning. The operant is the performancethat works on environment and by doing this; we can get environment feedback to shape ourbehavior by creating this. Example like when I was small, I stuck my finger in electric switchboard that was our behavior and that was a crazy feeling it a kind ok environmental feedback.And I learn from this that I will never stick my finger again in electrical switch board.
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