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16.1 If elementary school children will be given material rewards for giving good performance andtheir cooperation in the school, that it will have various effects on the students ranging frompositive to negative. In the short run, it will definitely help the teachers in the school to motivatethe kids to behave appropriately, to be regular in the class and also will help in giving betterperformance in the studies and other activities. But if attention will not be paid in the selection ofthe reward it will make lose interest in the subjects.Being a parent, I will suggest that, rewards should not be used until and unless there is aparticular reason and if rewards are being used then they should be used for limited time period.If we talk about the implications of the rewards in the long run, then it might have a negativeimpact on the behavior of the child. For motivating the kids to perform well can be understood,but later on, in life that kid will always look forward to such incentives. Furthermore, when he isnot able to get such rewards and incentives as he used to get, he may not even want to any work.Until and unless it offers some rewards and incentive for doing a particular work. Such kids willalways look forward to incentives instead of other benefits that particular work may providethem.6.21. The behavior of human teaches us to respond to reward and punishment. And human usuallygives a toffee or chocolate to the kid for good behavior or scold them if they are doing anythingwrong. Right from their starting days, humans have been trained. And once we learn to start ourjourney, humans are ready for punishments as well as rewards.There are two theories namely, classical conditioning and operant conditioning which fulfill theneed of the question. The classical conditioning theory says that it is a modification in thebehavior by which a subject comes to respond in an anticipated way before neutral stimulus thathas constantly been presented along with an undefined stimulus that provokes the anticipatedresponse.

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