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Q1: Do you agree with the “Hyper Globalist” claim that the world is borderless. Give three(3) reasons to support your answer, if yes or no.Yes, I agreed with the hyper globalist view of a borderless world because of the globalization thenumber of investors and global capital flows has increased due to the higher margin andearnings. The businessmen are trying to find different ways to create a unique selling propositionover other competitors to make the consumers prefer their services over other competitors in themarket. This change has been seen in all the top organizations and if we have a look at the stats, theeconomy has been improved a lot due to growth of global markets. So, to stay in the market,every day a new strategy is established by the financier to retain its position in the market[ CITATION DNe05 \l 1033 ]. Crossover of culture is more evident because of globalization and many globalists advocates thatfree trade and free markets are the powerful tool for enhancing the cultures as trade createswealth and this wealth helps to remove the poverty and poor people from the daily work forsurvival [ CITATION JCe98 \l 1033 ].For the borderless world, the technology is the most powerful tool used by the business persons.As there are 600 million citizens in the country and more than half of the people are shoppingthrough online sites so a proper medium should be used to make the product reach the peopleand use of technology can make the industry reach the heights. It is to be scrutinized as to whichtechnology favors the company and which doesn’t. In order to reach the consumers of, use of1

high technology is a must [ CITATION The12 \l 1033 ]. The digital campaigning can be launchedto influence the people.Q2: What are some of the features of ASEAN regional grouping and their implications formembers? ASEAN regional grouping was set up in the year of 1967 and having five original membercountries and these countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.After that Brunei, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia also joined the ASEAN Regionalgrouping after 1984 [ CITATION Ass16 \l 1033 ]. The purposes of the ASEAN declaration areas below: -(i)To increase speed of economic growth, social progress and cultural development in theregion, and (ii)To promote peace and stability among the countries.Features and its Implications:Sustainable Development: -ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and the United Nations 2030Agenda for Sustainable Development will be applied in a manner to create a community that ispeople oriented and centred around the people. The efforts of Thailand’s and leadership help topromote complementarities, peace and security.2

Implications for members: - This feature helps to introduce Green Movement that prevents frompollution and saving the region from global warming. Global warming is also one of the seriousproblems faced by the people across the world. Global warming is basically an increase in thetemperature of earth due to the emissions of the greenhouse gases like CO2, SO2 and NitrogenOxide. The increase in CO2 and other gases leads to melting of the ice caps that raises the levelof the sea and create a dangerous situation for the people of Vietnam who are living in coastalareas of Vietnam [ CITATION SPi10 \l 1033 ].Drug trafficking: - This helps in the improvement of problems which are being faced byhospitals which are related to costs. There is a dire need of the DRG process as it helps toanalyze that whether the information given by healthcare industries correspond to theinformation which is given in the records which are maintained regarding the patients. The mainpurpose of the DRG audit is to figure out what are the errors related to sequencing and codingwhich has an influence over the assignments of DRG.Money Laundering: - Money laundering is established to reduce drug trafficking and alsoaddress to other crimes like terrorism. Money laundering states some of the assessments like- To introduce and describe the current anti-money laundering regime,Help in the establishing the framework for assessing the effectiveness of the regime, and Implementation of framework to calculate how well the current system works and whatimprovements are needed [ CITATION RSu14 \l 1033 ].3

Cyber security: - As we know that the technology is developing very fast and also provide vastareas of opportunity, but these technologies also bring the new technology with the unpredictablethreats with them. Thus, cyber security is the system of protecting networks and data from cyber-crime. Cyber security is important because in the modern era everything is connected to theinternet.Another feature introduced by the ASEAN regional grouping is ICT Masterplan 2020 that istowards the digital economy and it enables an innovative and integrated community. Q3: What is your understanding of the BREXIT? And express your views of the exit.Investment in the share market is a very risky investment as it totally depends on the market andinvestors always take their money from stocks and then put them in the bonds, which are a longterm holdings and safest mode as compared to the stocks. The criteria for all the major economicevent is satisfied by the “Brexit”. Brexit has a great impact on the global economic activity giventhe UK small contribution to global GDP. Every year the UK work on improving the knowledge,skills, and expertise of people deployed in businesses and spend a huge amount of money tomake them work better. Many new skilled people are hired every year and train them to worktowards the success of the country. This is done since all the higher authorities have pledged tomake the country a peaceful and prosperous place and conflict-free place so that people can workand live fearlessly. This has been a blessing for the world. The report ‘Implications of Brexit’shows that there are two important ways to analyze that what can be done by the Brexit for theAustralian economy. Trading with the financial instruments is the first way and another method4

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