ECON1095 Quantitative Methods In Finance


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Statistics and Probability
Quantitative methods 1Name:Institution:Date:Quantitative methods
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Quantitative methods 2QUESTION Ai.Descriptive statistics for salarySalary summary statisticsMean44912.81579Standard Error890.8152354Median43367Mode#N/AStandard Deviation5491.353911Sample Variance30154967.78Kurtosis-0.00649469Skewness0.675079752Range23296Minimum34000Maximum57296Sum1706687Count38Table 1ii. Descriptive statistics for satisfactionSummary statisticsMean82.63157895Standard Error0.702992033Median83Mode84Standard Deviation4.333533934Sample Variance18.77951636Kurtosis-0.395248553Skewness-0.231405274Range18Minimum73Maximum91Sum3140Count38Table 2iii.Descriptive statistics for ATAR
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Quantitative methods 3Summary statistics for ATARMean66.68421053Standard Error2.11716055Median65Mode70Standard Deviation13.05105414Sample Variance170.3300142Kurtosis-0.144539424Skewness0.659146709Range47Minimum49Maximum96Sum2534Count38Table 3QUESTION BGraph of satisfaction distribution135791113151719212325272931333537390102030405060708090100Satisfaction distributionFigure 1QUESTION CBox and whisker plot for ATAR
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Quantitative methods 45060708090100ATARFigure 2From the box and whisker plot diagram above it can be observed there are presence of outliers.QUESTION DTest of independence between salary and ATAR scoreChi-Square TestsValuedfAsymp. Sig. (2-sided)Pearson Chi-Square702.000a684.308Likelihood Ratio216.6176841.000Linear-by-Linear Association9.4111.002N of Valid Cases39a. 741 cells (100.0%) have expected count less than 5. The minimum expected count is .03.The Pearson chi-square indicates a value of .31. This means that that salary and ATAR score are independent.
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