Question 1:. Paired Samples Statistics. Mean. N. Std. D

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Question 1:Paired Samples StatisticsMeanNStd. DeviationStd. Error MeanPair 1No THC67.9800508.739991.23602Post THC72.04005010.404001.47135Paired Samples CorrelationsNCorrelationSig.Pair 1No THC & Post THC50.104.474Paired Samples TestPaired DifferencestdfSig. (2-tailed)MeanStd.DeviationStd. ErrorMean95% Confidence Interval ofthe DifferenceLowerUpperPair1No THC -Post THC-4.0600012.875241.82083-7.71910-.40090-2.23049.030From the data we found that comparing treatments, Mean Sweetness perception scoreswere (higher) to a degree for the Post-THC condition (M =72.0400, SD =10.40400) incomparison to the Baseline condition (M =67.9800, SD =8.73999) group.
Question 2:CorrelationsNo THCPost THCNo THCPearson Correlation1.104Sig. (2-tailed).474N5050Post THCPearson Correlation.1041Sig. (2-tailed).474N5050I want to study the dependency of No THC and Post THC. There is no significant linearrelationship between No THC and Post THC with p-value > 0.05 and low value of correlationcoefficient. Since I am applying paired t test I am keen to know about the linear relationshipbetween No THC and Post THC.Question 3:To examine the influence of cannabinoids on human sweetness perception, a paired-samples t-test was performed, t(-2.230, df=49 p = .015, r=.104), suggesting that post-THCsweetness perception (did) appear enhanced compared to the no-THC condition.
Question 4:Consider the null hypothesis, ho: there is no significant difference in the mean betweenFixed (FW.pick) and decreasing (DW.pick). This is tested against alternative hypothesis, h1: themean for Fixed (FW.pick) is more than that of decreasing (DW.pick).The histogram for FW.pick and DW.pick are given below.The mean forFixed (FW.pick) and decreasing (DW.pick) are observed to lie between 0 –50 and 40 – 60. Hence I expect that there is not much significant difference in the mean betweenFixed (FW.pick) and decreasing (DW.pick).Since data is dependent I apply paired t test. the output is given below.Paired Samples StatisticsMeanNStd. DeviationStd. Error MeanPair 1values.FWnpick54.445053.3397.543values.DWnpick61.765032.7074.626Paired Samples CorrelationsNCorrelationSig.Pair 1values.FWnpick &values.DWnpick50.451.001Paired Samples Test
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