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BUS101: Business Communication Assignment

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Kent Institute Australia


Business Communication (BUS101)


Added on  2020-05-16

BUS101: Business Communication Assignment


Kent Institute Australia


Business Communication (BUS101)

   Added on 2020-05-16

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Running head: STRUCTURED REFLECTION ON BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONStructured Reflection on Business CommunicationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
BUS101: Business Communication Assignment_1
1STRUCTURED REFLECTION ON BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBusiness communication refers to the communication within an organization and itsvarious parts such as the managers, employees, stakeholders and even the customers. Properbusiness communication strengthens a company’s internal bonding and people working in theorganization are much happier and hence productive (Kaul 2014). The topic that interests methe most in this subject is the aspect of intercultural communication and its various aspects.Intercultural Communication has been regarded as the most emerging trends in the 21stcentury because of the rise of globalisation. Starting from workplace to every sphere of life,intercultural communication is a trend that is found everywhere. Intercultural communicationrefers to the communication that takes place between people of two different communitiesand culture. Intercultural communication enables a person to delve into a communicationwith people who come from different cultural background and this part makes it veryinteresting to me because it allows me to get a closer insight about the various cultures thatare present in and around the world. Intercultural communication is not always a very easytask and there can be barriers in having a proper intercultural communication. The languagecan be one of the most common barriers when it comes to the intercultural communicationdomain. However, it needs to be noted that language is not the only barrier but the cultureitself can be a barrier, like a culture can be to closed and may not allows much of interactionwith other people or may be to formal to have a close and proper communication. It intriguesme the most because I feel that this is an era when distances are covered swiftly bytechnology, cultures are coming closer to each other and they are not anymore abiding by thegeographical boundaries that contain them. Hence, such a communication and its effectiveskill set is necessary. Intercultural communication is a subject that has massive implications when it comesto communication because in the present scenario and the days to come, cultures willconfluence with each other and communication among them will be mandatory in order to
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