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Reflective Journal

Assignment brief for BA Business Studies module on Personal and Professional Development, including tasks, weighting, submission dates, and employability skills assessed.

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Added on  2022-12-03

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This reflective journal explores the learning and experiences of the student in a business studies module, focusing on the development of employability skills and the use of the Gibb's Reflective Cycle model. The journal discusses the skills acquired, such as communication, research, time management, problem-solving, and teamwork, and reflects on the emotions and feelings throughout the process. The student also identifies areas for improvement and future development. Overall, the journal highlights the importance of soft skills in career success.

Reflective Journal

Assignment brief for BA Business Studies module on Personal and Professional Development, including tasks, weighting, submission dates, and employability skills assessed.

   Added on 2022-12-03

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Reflective Journal
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The purpose of taking any professional course is to develop employability skills and
abilities that will help individuals to achieve the career goals that they actually want (Duffield
and Whitty 2016). The course of business studies, specifically this module has given me
several skills that will improve my employability. Employability of an individual depends on
two sets of skills. The first is the hard skills which includes the educational degrees and the
experience that candidates gather through their academic career. The second are the soft skills
that makes the people actually employable (McCarthy 2016). Managers nowadays look for
soft skills more than they look for hard skills as they believe that soft skills are essential for
being successful in any career while training can take care of the lack in hard skills. In this
essay, my experience and learning of through the module is explored. For that purpose, the
Gibb’s Reflective Cycle model has been used (Sekarwinahyu et al. 2019).
The learning module and the particular assignment taught us many of the necessary
skills. Communication is one of the key skills for employment. Through the power point
presentation, I was able to learn the detailed use of power point. Moreover, while doing the
assignment I had to research various databases including the university database. The
searching included use of key words which taught me the proper methods of research for
academic and work purposes (Yew and Goh 2016). In the module we also learnt about verbal
skills through discussions. The various journals and books that I read educated me on team
work. Team working abilities are necessary part of working in a modern organization. For
completing the assignment I also needed to manage the time.
Meeting deadline is an important attribute for employees and this module and
assignment trained me in that aspect. If wanted to complete the task 1 day before it was time
for submission. The research work took a long time as the leadership style of Mark
Zuckerberg had to be analyzed from various sources and activities. This task also tested my
problem solving skills. Throughout the process I faced many problems like lack of
Reflective Journal_2
information and problems in navigating through the applications that I had to use. I solved
those problems as they came and took help from the internet when I faced problems
Throughout the module and the assignment process I went through several emotions
and feelings. When I started working on the project I felt overwhelmed and apprehensive. I
felt lost within the huge amount of available material and could not decide which ones to use.
I started reading indiscriminately and that was taking a lot of time. I realized that if I had to
complete the project in time I had to ensure that I found the right sources. I started using
keywords to identify the best readings. Slowly everything started to fall into place and I was
able to prepare the draft. I made several versions of it through taking notes and discussing
with my peers. Finally I was able to prepare a final draft and a source list. This exercise gave
me the skills of time management, verbal and written communication skills, both extremely
applicable soft skills (Suleman 2016).
There were much scheduling and rescheduling in the project. I made it a point to
reschedule every time I reached one milestone. This way I was able to see my progress
clearly. It also enhanced my time management skills (Refer to appendices). When I started
making the presentation, there were much confusion and disruption as I found it difficult to
find the right way to do it. I started watching videos and that helped me in finding the right
way to present an academic presentation. This enhanced my ICT knowledge and problem
solving skills. The discussions with my peers and working with them gave me better
understanding and I was able to feel more confident about my work (Rowe and Zegwaard
2017). I also started to practice giving presentations in front of people so that my verbal skills
improve more. I was able to gain better understanding about how my project was progressing.
By the end of the project I feeling happy and satisfied with the work I had done.
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