Reflective Report on Marketing Course: Personal Experience and Knowledge Gained


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Reflective Report1IntroductionThis paper is summarized the personal experience that I have gained through working on the group project. My gained experience and knowledge gives me an opportunity to get a better growth chances in the near future and prove my efficiency in an effective manner.Answers to Reflection QuestionsBefore working on the group assignment of marketing, I didn't have any knowledge about the role of integrated marketing communication in marketing and promotion. But, after working on this paper, I got significant information about its importance in marketing and how it will prove beneficial for the marketers. It taught me that I need to adopt this communication approach in mynear future. It is because the use of the integrated marketing communication approach gives me an opportunity to introduce any product or service at low cost or in a large size market (Bickhoff,2013). On the other hand, it also teaches me the use of digital communication in integrated marketing communication. If I did not work on the group project of marketing, I am not able to understand the importance of the integrated marketing communication in accomplishing predetermined objectives. Therefore, it can be said that working on project enhanced my thinking skills as well as personal experience on the use of integrated marketing communication method.The thing about marketing that has influenced me enough is factors affecting the consumer buying process. This teaches me how necessary is the analysis of potential factors that can influence the consumer buying process. Prior working on the project, I had known about the consumer buying process, but do not have any idea about the factors influencing their process. On the basis of such learning, I can say that it is necessary for a marketer to evaluate the factors

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