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Registered Nurse Standards For Practice - PDF

Added on - 18 Feb 2020

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Running Head: REGISTERED NURSE STANDARDS FOR PRACTICERegistered Nurse Standards for PracticeNameInstitutional affiliation
REGISTERED NURSE STANDARDS FOR PRACTICE2Registered Nurse Standards for PracticeThis augmentative paper is about criticizing and providing constructive feedback. Thispaper provides a structured critique of the provided paper on registered nurse standards forpractice using the provided framework. The framework seeks to find out if the position statementis structured as well as stating clearly the position of conclusion and introduction, if the positionstatement is related to the topic, if the position statement has any links to the NMBA, if thereferences used in supporting the position statement credible and current, and if the authoreliminated any significant information[CITATION Aus15 \p 178 \l 1033 ].The position statement for the paper is “Registered Nurse Standards for Practice”. Thisposition is well structured for the paper provided on the standards of practice for a registerednurse. The position statement is structured since it is relevant to this topic. The entireintroduction and body of the paper are actually related to the position statement since the entirepaper talks about the standards of practice for the registered nurses. The paper has acomprehensive introduction which clearly states the position statement by starting with thedefinition of the registered nurse practice by starting that registered nurse practice is an evidence-based and individual-entered with curative, supportive, palliative, formative, and restorativeelements[CITATION Est13 \p 196 \l 1033 ].After the introduction, it is followed by the body of the paper which discusses how to usethe standards of practice for the registered nurse starting from standard 1 to standard 7. However,the conclusion section is missing in this paper on the registered nurse standards for practicehence failing to state clearly the position statement. It would have been in order for theconclusion to be present and talking about what the entire paper is all about and finalizing theposition statement[CITATION JMu14 \p 147 \l 1033 ].
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