Report On Communication Strategy & Open Environment

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4.1 Creating a Communicative and Open Environment
The managers can create reasonable goals and communicate strategy related to the
business by locating performance appraisal information within the formal online framework
in order to support the objectives and goals of the organization. Greater visibilities are also
allowed by this implication which allows the employees in order to have a bigger picture and
better understanding toward fitting in the objectives proposed by the organization (Troshani
and Rao 2015). This helps in creating engaged and energized employees, which could result
in rising the productivity and performance of the organization.
4.2 Connecting Team Effectively within the Organization
E-business creates portal for the employee in order to help the people work
productively in the organization, regardless of the matter about the location or even team site
that connecting the teams together. "Corporate silos" can be eliminated, which cut off the
communication much effectively because the employees can be able to utilize the
technologies in order to connect and interact with others employees (Picto, Belanger and
Palma 2014). Those are appointed on similar projects or can connect to the experts in time of
need for proper consultation or expertise intervention throughout the operations that are being
performed in the organization.
4.3 Motivating employees towards using technology
Managers can compare the current skills of the employees with others that require
advancement, recognition and identify the opportunities that might present themselves. The
manager monitors or tracks the progress of employee objectives and goals throughout the
whole year by gathering the information using the performance evaluation system. Manager
can shift the position or the place of the employees if he sees that the potential of the

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