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Running head: LEADERSHIP AND ETHICSLeadership and EthicsName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1LEADERSHIP AND ETHICSIntroductionThe assignment helps in analyzing the different kind of ethical issues that has been facedby a respective company Apple Inc. The different ethical dilemmas have to be identified in sucha manner with the implications of different theoretical concepts related to ethics. The differentmanagerial ethics has to be identified in an effective manner to solve them effectually.The main aim and purpose of the assignment is to examine and critically analyze thedifferent theoretical concepts that will influence the different managerial practices in Apple. Thedifferent techniques have to be analyzed by the leaders or the higher officials in the respectiveorganization to solve such ethical issues.The structure of the assignment includes analysis of different ethical dilemmas that isfaced by the respective company. The different theoretical concepts have to be used in such amanner that will help in influencing the managerial practices in Aldi. Lastly, the organizationaldecisions have to be analyzed critically that are ended ethically.Background of AppleApple Inc is a multinational company of America that is famous for designing along withdeveloping computer software systems. The different hardware equipments of the respectivecompany are iPhone, iPad and Mac Line(Rushe, 2015). After Samsung, it is the second largestIT Company in the entire world. As Tim Cook took over the business of Apple who is the newCEO of 2012, he had faced with ethical dilemma with Chinese organization Foxconn. Theworkers of respective company endangered suicide as the means of defending their privilegesalong with working conditions(Windsor, 2016).Reports of Ethical DilemmaThe article of Telegraph reported that more than 150 employees of Foxconn, threatenedto commit mass suicide by leaping from roof due to the harsh working conditions of thecompany(Demirtas & Akdogan, 2015). On the other hand, employees were convinced in aneffective manner to call off threat and understand the different conditions. However, there weredifferent risks that were involved in the situation of ethical dilemma, Tim Cook focused ondifferent products and profit of the respective company(Rego, Sousa, Marques & e Cunha,2014). As there is huge amount of demand of the different products and services of Apple in thecompetitive market, it is essential for the company to fulfill the different requirements of thecustomers. Furthermore, the working hours were increased to a huge extent in order to deliverthe different products and services and this affected the manufacturers in Foxconn, China(Collinson & Tourish, 2015).There are different organizations in the country that have tendency of highlighting theirprogress that is in opposition to the different merits of Corporate Social Responsibility. Thesocial economic considerations are essential in nature to be considered largely that oppose thefinancial crisis(Steiber & Alänge, 2016). Furthermore, Apple is successful company that hasdifferent influences on matters over Foxconn. However, Cook has assured the company inachieving the standards of the CSR across the supply chain. The article that has been publishedin the year 2012 in the month of January noticed stillness of Apple Company and this highlightedthe investigations in the New York Times(Sherif, Pitre & Kamara, 2016).
2LEADERSHIP AND ETHICSThe situation of Foxconn did not change overnight, 15 employees who attempted suicide,and more than 15 died. The labor organizations complained of long working hours, low wagesalong with inhuman treatment as the different factors of the protest. It is essential for thedifferent leaders to follow ethical practices in the organizations in order to understand thedifferent requirements of the employees in the organization(Denning & Dew, 2015). Apple Incpresented their annual report with the different financial analysis for first quarter of the financialquarter(Engelen, Gupta, Strenger & Brettel, 2015). The figures helped in analyzing theexpectations of the different stakeholders with forecasting the payment of dividends andforecasting of revenues(Renko, El Tarabishy, Carsrud, & Brännback, 2015).This kind of news helped in benefitting the shareholders of the respective company;however, it did not benefit the employees of the respective company. There were differentdilemmas related to leadership and other unethical matters in such a manner that this createdissues in the economic success of the company(Muenjohn & Armstrong, 2015). The AppleCompany gained financial success largely however there have been different issues in handlingthe handling the different ethical matters of the company along with employees. The welfare ofthe employees was not taken into consideration and the different negative influences that havebeen done by media influenced the perceptions of the respective company(Shapiro &Stefkovich, 2016).The New York Times noted the respective organization working on different initiativesthat helped in quelling pressure(Jensen & Puri 2016). In regards to the particular issue, first timethe company published the report on 158 suppliers who represents a major portion of the supplychain(Jiraporn, Jiraporn, Kitsabunnarat-Chatjuthamard & Tong, 2016). The organization tried tobecome member of the labor legislations committee as this helped them in understanding theissues faced by the employees in the organization. The different challenges that have been facedby Foxconn helped Apple in understanding the different issues, tried to resolve such issues, andexcelled in it(Mendenhall et al., 2017).Ethical Dilemma in AppleIt was commendable in nature that Mr. Cook handled the matters in an effectual mannerand quelled the challenges in a positive approach. The protest that has been done by theemployees was aborted as well(Klenke, 2016). This kind of financial results helped them inexcelling in different social matters rather than the financial matters. In this kind of grievances,the company should provide a chance to the employees to analyze the grievances in an effectivemanner(Ki, Kim & Ledingham, 2015). This kind of weekly meetings would provide fair chanceto the employees to air their different kind of issues. The team of managers will help inbenefitting from different officials in meeting, and a last result that will be generated will be forthe interest of the employees(Jia, Hall & Zhu, 2015).Apple Inc claims that they have tried to improve the working conditions at Foxconn thathas been done on the demand of employers. The association of the labor laws that is thenonprofit organization in United States has stated that the Apple Inc Company has tried infulfilling the different needs of the employees in the organization. This helped them in improvingthe working conditions at Chengdu and Shenzhen that is known for selling different iPad andiPhone products. However, the story of employees in the organization is different in nature as
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