Report on Emotional Intelligence

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE2Emotional IntelligenceThe report to the management is on assessment of Emotional Intelligence in the workPlace that seems to be deteriorating. Workers are quelling and exchanging words that indicatean inability to handle their emotions. There is two personality type when one group areamiable can easily get along with others while other are expressive and talks a lot. Thequarrels are a result of expression of emotional feeling without considering the emotion ofothers. The report is conduction of my emotional analysis as well as those of my fellowworkmates (Mayer and Geher, 2016 p.34).Recognizing myselfTo create self-awareness in determining my emotional intelligence use of SWOTanalysis tool is the preferred tool and most accurate in this assessment. In this case, I realizedI have an amiable personality type, and I can get along with workers even in their worstemotional experiences (Salovey and Mayer, 2014, p.6).1.Emotional strengths and weaknessesThe major strengths that I have are supportive, patient and diplomatic. The mentionedstrength has helped to cope with the workplace and also helped other employees manage theiremotions. (Goleman, 2014). I have been supportive since most of the employees love runningto me whenever they have a problem or have personal disturbances. I have noted thatworkers are free to express their worries in the organization to me and leave me to advise onpresented problems. Through the SWOT analysis, I also discovered that being patient andkeep giving people more chances to when they have delayed in discharging their duties. Iunderstand my peers since they mostly share with me that making me understand them evenwhen they are quite unproductive. In most, I have feeling and action guided by diplomacy. I
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE3hate exposing my emotions to my peers and the management and always think before I act.This greater strength that helps me to control my emotions and let reasoning take control,therefore, avoiding problems related to emotional expressions (Mayer and Salovey, 2013,p.14).On the other side, my weaknesses are I tend to listen and guide my actions on thewishes of my workmates. As leader as supposed to give direction to improve managementthat is affected by team members and always thing goes as they have planned. As result ofpatient, things are not completed in time that delays the overall objectives of the firm. This isbecause the workers will have convincing reasons why the tasks and duties were notcompleted on time. Another weakness that arises from my emotions is not being a ruler. Thatis why there is no timely completion of duties and tasks (Goleman, 2014, p.10)2.Identify a stressor and how awareness of these can help to control response andcreate positive resultsThe main stressor of my emotions is getting along and understanding people'semotions (Mayer, Caruso and Salovey, 2014, p. 56). Understanding other's emotions have tocontrol my emotions and avoid shouting to other once there is a disagreement. Am everunderstanding and placing myself in my workmate's position to understand their emotionalreactions on issues. Awareness of understanding other in different capacities and having anaim of getting along in the organization is the most important things to emphasize to ensurethat there are improved emotional intelligence. As a result of poor management of emotionsin the workplace, it is extended to customers who are the greatest assets of the organization,the productivity of workers is low as through emotional outburst it affects the relationship inteamwork. Stressing on understanding and getting along with others is a point to emphasize( Salove et al., 2015, n.p).
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