Research on ASDA Supermarket Chain

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Running head: INDUSTRY RESEARCH PROJECTIndustry Research ProjectName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1INDUSTRY RESEARCH PROJECTReport TitleResearch on ASDA Supermarket ChainOverreaching ProblemIn recent years, it has been seen that one of the major issues in United KingdomSupermarket giant, ASDA is the continuous increase in employee turnover in the stores ofUnited Kingdom. This particular aspect is affecting various aspects of ASDA’s business likerevenue, profitability and the degree of customer satisfaction.It is important to get the speedy solution of these problems as these problems are directlyaffecting the revenue of the company.Overreaching Research AimThis project aims to analyze various business operations and other aspects of ASDA sothat the main reasons for employee turnover and reduction in revenue, profitability and reducedcustomer satisfaction can be found.Research Questions1.What are the reasons for ASDA to grow so fast in supermarket chain business?2.What does the customers’ think about the business in this organization? Are theysatisfied?3.Is it true that ASDA is considered the worst supermarket chain in UK?4.If so, what are the major reasons of it?5.Are the reasons valid?
2INDUSTRY RESEARCH PROJECT6.What are the ways to solve the problems so that ASDA does not retain as the worstsupermarket chain in UK anymore?7.What is the importance of the concept of employee turnover with respect to retailsupermarket industry?8.What are the key factors that provide encouragement in the employees to switch theirjobs?9.What are the impacts of employee turnover on the productivity of the businesses?Relevant Research LiteratureIn the recent years, one of the major emerging human resource management issues in thebusiness organizations is the increasing rate of employee turnover. In every businessorganizations, employees are considered as the most valuable resource in the organizations asthey contribute largely towards the success of the organizations. Continuous increase inemployee turnover affects the business organizations from different angles like decrease inrevenue, profitability and customer satisfaction. In addition, it leads to the development ofnegative work environment, lowering the motivation level of employees and others. It has beenseen one of the major reasons of the increasing rate of employee turnover is rude behavior ofmanagement and excessive work pressure. Thus, it is necessary for the management of thecompanies to treat every employee with respect and the management must implement ways tomotivate them. These processes will be helpful for the reduction of employee turnover in theorganizations. It has also been seen that the employees leave the jobs when they get betteropportunities in another area. Thus, it is needed for the management of the organizations toprovide the employees with better career opportunities in the organizations so that employee

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