Research Project on Marks & Spencer Assignment

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Research Project on Marks & Spencer Assignment

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Topic: Globalisation can drive business success
Overview of Research
Globalisation is defined as process of integration and interaction within individuals,
enterprises and governments of various countries, process that driven through international trade
as well as investment that help through digital technology (Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, 2013). In
order to survive and sustain in competitive market, it is very essential for business to have new
and innovation in enterprise. This means national and domestic business operate their firm in
global market by providing free transferring of products, goods, capital for achievement of goal
and objectives of business. Therefore, globalisation is considered as new concept in modern
world to make business to transfer goods and services without any disturbance at global market.
Background of Research
The globalisation means enhance trade around world mainly through large size
organisations producing as well as trading the products in several various countries (Apăvăloaie,
2014). Marks & Spencer is a main international retail merchant in London. It is specific in
marketing of food, home and clothing products. This firm provide its services as well as products
in many countries for gaining the profit and attain success. Re-entering the retail industry as
hyper- market by increasing existing goods in context of quality or developing the new goods
under Brand Marks & Spencer that will aids to tap potential market for groceries and food.
Present report is supported on about how globalisation can drive their enterprise success.
Leader conduct investigation for self-interest. It is helpful in provide knowledge related to the
globalisation concept (Appel, Franz and Hassler, 2014). Through conducting this investigation,
skills and core competencies of a leader will be enhanced and it will help in the future career.
Research Aim
The aim is “To determine how globalisation can drive business towards success.” A
Study on Marks and Spencer.
Research Objectives
To determine the concept of globalisation.
Research Project on  Marks & Spencer  Assignment_3
To determine impact of globalisation on success of Marks and Spencer.
Research Questions
What is the concept of globalisation?
What are the impact of globalisation on success of Marks and Spencer?
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It refers to broad compact of the past research on particular subject field. It helps in give
theoretical contribution regarding specific research field. It conveys reader about the ideas as
well as knowledge that have been established on topic. It is based on secondary data collection
method (Axelrod and VanDeveer, 2014). The different sources which needed to conduct this
research part are books, journals, articles, internet sources etc.
Globalisation Concept
On the basis of opinion of Williamson (2019), it has been stated that Globalisation is
regarded as procedure of the global consolidation that can be arising by interchange views,
products and services. This plays a essential part in enhance the exchange of the natural and
cultural resources (Bailey and et al., 2018). In globalisation, different countries are to be
liberalised import protocol and also the foreign investment in to the sectors which are helpful in
enhance country economy (Baud and Durand, 2012). Globalisation helps in give effective trade
opportunities to business by target new market, enhance manufacturing, adopt advance
technology etc. On the other hand, in globalisation, countries liberalise their visa process and
rules in order to permit the free flow of the people from one country to other. It effects in freeing
unproductive industries to productive and investment sectors for export activities in win- win
conditions for world economies (Belás and et. al., 2014). In context to enterprise, economic
process is alterated in business that is concerned with the individual state to one that it operated
in others.
Impact of globalisation on success of Marks and Spencer
As per view point of Mike Myatt (2016) Marks & Spencer is one of the large selling. It is
best-selling firm for article of clothing unit. The globalisation is leasing concept that has become
the main factor in business life (Beynon-Davies, 2013). This phenomenon impact economic
system, social group, geographical area, enterprise living in different manner. These are the
changes mainly related to enhancing competition level, fast alteration in information transfer
and technology. There are some impact of the success of Marks and Spencer mention:
Competition- The economic process leads to the enhanced rivalry (Carneiro and Brenes,
2014). This can be related to good, service, reference point, application and many others. When
Research Project on  Marks & Spencer  Assignment_5
Marks and Spencer manufacture and offer its products at low cost then it is able to acclimatise its
market share.
Exchange of Technology- This is more striking globalisation indication that can be
achievement business opportunities (Cavusgil and Knight, 2015). On the other hand, technology
is one of the main competition tools and it impacts on work and good. The economic process has
increased speed of scientific improvement and technology movement.
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