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Higher Education in Ghana Research Study

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Research Proposal
IntroductionIn this research proposal, we will describe the purpose of the study, research problem, researchobjective, background and significance, literature review, research design & methods,preliminary support and implications, and conclusion. The research study is conducted on thecurrent efforts and initiatives underway to provide accessibility and affordability of highereducation in Ghana.Aim of studyThe aim of the research study is to analyze the current efforts by the government in order toprovide the accessibility of higher education in Ghana.Research objectiveFollowing are the objectives of the research study:1.To determine the level of current education in Ghana.2.To inquire into the current efforts underway in order to provide the affordable andaccessible higher education in Ghana.3.To develop a case study of its process, objectives, and current impact.Background and significanceIt is important to analyze the impact of current efforts undergone in order to provide theaccessibility of higher education in Ghana because the impact of current efforts helps tounderstand the initiatives required to provide the affordability of higher education in Ghana. The
research study helps to analyze the impact of current efforts which directly contribute towardsthe development of the economy.Problem StatementIn the required research proposal, the study is conducted on the current efforts in bringingaffordable and accessible for higher education in Ghana. The study indicates the impact ofcurrent efforts in Ghana. The problem statement of the required proposal is;“What are the current efforts underway in providing accessible and affordable higher educationin Ghana?”Literature reviewAccording to the (Kaiser et al., 2014), the agreement is existed between the stakeholders at theinstitutional and national level as well as among the external stakeholders who believes in thecontribution towards the development of Ghana. According to the (Singal, 2015), thegovernment is developing a strategic plan for higher education which provides the accessibilityto all the Ghanaians in order to develop the skills that make them productive and it helps inreducing poverty in Ghana. The government has developed national science, technology, andinnovation policy in order to provide technical skills which contribute towards the eradication ofpoverty (Amankwah-Amoah et al., 2015). (Malakolunthu, 2014) mentions that initiatives werealso taken in the universities by modifying the teaching methods and syllabus and fee structure inorder to contribute towards the accessibility of higher education in Ghana.
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