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RESEARCH PROPOSAL WEDNESDAY 1STFEBRUARY 2017NAME: DATE:ORGANISATIONASDAREASON FOR CHOICEASDA being a giant retail organization incurs huge cost formaintaining quality and therefore same is taken into account inorder to assess its impact on the performance of business. RESEARCH THEMETo analyze the importance of quality management and itscontribution in enhancing performance of businessTARGET AUDIENCEEmployees working at ASDASAMPLE20 employees of ASDAEXPECTED OUTCOMEIt is expected that quality pays in terms of high customer loyaltywhich somewhere results into rise in performance of companyMETHODOLOGYFACE TO FACEOTHERIn the study, Questionnaire will be used to collect data in whichboth open and close ended questions will be includedQUESTIONAIREQUATITATIVEQUALITATIVEMIXTURE OF BOTHMixed of both as it includes open and close ended questions. SECONDARY RESEARCHPast 6 years literature has been considered in this study. LITERATURE REVIEWIt is conducted by taking reference from books, journals, onlinearticles, magazines, company websites and e-library. TIME FRAME START FIELD WORK COMPLETED FIELD WORK COLLATE/ RECORD DATAIt took 10 weeks to complete this study starting from 2nd of April2017. FINAL REPORTIt will be submitted by the starting of September’17. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION10 slides PPT will be prepared in order to reflect the analysis ofthe study.

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