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Resource Management Role in Organization

Comparing the management of physical and human resources in different sectors and presenting research findings in a report.

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Added on  2020-02-14

Resource Management Role in Organization

Comparing the management of physical and human resources in different sectors and presenting research findings in a report.

   Added on 2020-02-14

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Resource Management
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INTRODUCTION Resource Management plays the most crucial role in the organization as it is required forconducting all the major operations and in turn, supports in performing better. Further, resourcerequirement depends on the nature of the business and every company focuses on efficientutilization of resources for enhancing market performance (Resource Management, 2016). Apartfrom this, physical along with human are the key resources which are mainly required to carryout business operations, and by utilizing them in an appropriate manner, it becomes easy for anorganization to accomplish desired objectives. Apart from this, the cost of employing advancedtechnology is quite high and sometimes its failure has an unfavourable impact on the business inthe market. Moreover, various crucial elements are present which keeps operating in different sectorsare required to consider at the time of managing resources such as its cost, etc. For conductingthe present study three different businesses have been chosen where one operates in theagriculture sector, another one is engineering, and the last one is the call center. Various taskshave been covered in the study which involves effective use of human and physical resources, aneed of human resource planning, etc. It also covers the different objectives of the humanresources planning such as cope up with changes, labor turnover, plans for expansions andassessing the future requirement which is helpful for the organization. TASK 11.1 Different resource requirement of three profiled businesses For conducting overall operations in an effective manner, it is necessary for different businessesto identify the resource required. For resource, requirement depends on the nature of businessactivities and assists in accomplishing desired objectives (Werner and DeSimone, 2011). In acase of agriculture business resources required are human and physical which involves machines.Stems as family owned basis operate on small basis, but business requires human resources suchas four permanent family members are the main employees of the business who carry outdifferent activities. Physical is another resource where different machines and tools are requiredfor conducting agriculture business (Catano, 2013). This business requires primary resources formining and which is must be the main resource for this type of business, and it is helpful ingrowing their business in positive aspects.
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In the case of engineering business also major resources required are human andtechnological. Main employees of the company are two friends and business partners. Apartfrom this, advanced machines are used for conducting manufacturing process. It also includes themanufacturing the electronic products with the help of different resources which is useful for theenhancement of the business, and it creates an enhancement of this industry. At last in case ofcall center, also human along with technological tools are main resources which are necessarilyrequired to carry out major operations. In short, resource requirement of the three differentbusinesses are same but the level of technology they are using differs from each other, and itdirectly depends on the nature of activities being carried out by companies in the market (Laneand Kangulec, 2010).It also covers the finance form other businesses which is important for survive in thistype of industry so that the use of resources in a proper manner is essential for the business.Further, all the three businesses require material according to their preference of type of businesswhich is important for the growth and development of the organization (Armstrong and Taylor,2014). The family business uses the seasonal workers, and they consider the facilities of thetransport at a particular time so that they can achieve their goals on time.1.2 Key requirement to be considered while managing resources Management of resources depends on the nature of the business and the kind of activities beingcarried out. Further, in the case of businesses operating in agriculture, engineering and call centersector requirement are different which is considered while resource management. Therequirement of agriculture business depends on the type of crops which and the scale at whichbusiness is operating. In case if the business is operating on the wider scale then more humanresource is required along with technological tools (CHUANG and Liao, 2010). Further, propermanagement of these resources can directly save cost which is beneficial for the business inevery possible manner. Apart from this, in the case of engineering business, the amount of manufacturing carriedout supports in identifying the major resources required. Organization has to consider the cost ofraw materials while managing the key resources and they are all crucial for the enterprise. It alsoincludes the health and safety of employees at the workplace which is to be considered by themanagement of the organisation. Further, the business must follows laws and legislation so that itdoes not create any problem at the time of issues. Moreover, in a case of call center, the key
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