Responsibilities and Governance Weekly Portfolio

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(Insert Student Name) / (Insert Student Number) - PPMP20009 Course Portfolio for Week (6)Portfolio: Week 6: Responsibilities and Governance1of4
(Insert Student Name) / (Insert Student Number) - PPMP20009 Course Portfolio for Week (6)Weekly Portfolio Learning TableTopic andreading samples.Personal learning outcomes fromthis course.Learnings from your experience.Supporting documentationincluding your prior learnings.Why ProjectManagement?Responsibilities and governanceThe project governance entails of the keyelements of the project to make itsuccessful. It is tailored to the specific needsof the organization.“Snyder, C. S. (2014). A Guide to the ProjectManagement Body of Knowledge: PMBOK (®)Guide. Project Management Institute.”Kerzner Chapter 1Understand the principles for effectivegovernance of the projectGovernance is set of guidelines, functions,actions and responsibilities which classify ofmanagement and manage of the projects.“Kerzner, H. (2013).Project management: asystems approach to planning, scheduling, andcontrolling. John Wiley & Sons.”Clarke (2015):Changingparadigms incorporategovernance: newcycles and newresponsibilities.Aware of responsibilities involved into projectgovernance such as manager, sponsorA comprehensive induction process helps tounderstand the responsibilities of projectgovernance,“Clarke, T. (2015). Changing paradigms incorporate governance: new cycles and newresponsibilities.Society and BusinessReview,10(3), 306-326.”Journals &StandardsJournal ofManagement &GovernanceThe project governance should follow of legalrules and regulations to secure theinformation.There is requirement of improvedknowledge of legislation to better critic ofthe information security and improve thestrategic control into corporate governance.“Georg, L. (2017). Information securitygovernance: pending legal responsibilities ofnon-executive boards.Journal of Management& Governance,21(4), 793-814.”International Journal ofProjectProvides a conceptual framework of theproject governanceThe framework consists of key elements ofmanagement structure based on effectivesupport from the project governance.“Too, E. G., & Weaver, P. (2014). Themanagement of project management: Aconceptual framework for projectgovernance.International Journal of Project2of4
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