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Risk Management ProcessCompare the descriptions of the risk management processes identified by DoD, Kerzner,Pritchard, and the PMBOK. In addition, conduct Internet research to find one other riskmanagement process. Create a comparison matrix highlighting your findings and discussany significant differences.In addition, please answer the following questions:Describe how the organization's risk culture can influence the use of a riskmanagement process.What risk management processes are used within your organizations and howfrequently are they used?Why is project risk management so important in today's business environment andwhy do many organizations struggle to implement it?Write a short paper (400-600 words in length) containing your answers.Successful papers demonstrate:Thoughtful responses that incorporate the authors' perspectives.Your insights as well as examples from your personal/work experiences thatdemonstrate your ability to apply what you are learning.Citations documenting sources used to answer the questions.Use of APA format for citations, references and overall style.Use of headings or sub-headings that align with the assigned questions. Thistechnique will help ensure you fully address each of the assigned questions and ithelps the instructor in the grading of your paper.
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