Unit 4 Discussion Paper Instructions - Qualitative Risk Analysis.

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Unit 4 Discussion Paper Instructions - Qualitative Risk AnalysisIf (assumption only) you have a list of risks identified and loaded into the risk registers, you needto prioritize which risks are the most important to focus our efforts on.1.Discuss, design, the approach, process, and qualification rules by which you will performa risk qualification on the case study. Review the techniques that Prichard recommendsin Part II of his text.2.At the heart of this process is therisk matrix. All of the course readings provideexamples of a risk matrix; feel free to use these asmodels.It is extremely important tohave clear measurement for probability and impact in the matrix.You should designthese probability and impact scales clearly.3.Your matrixshould enable you to calculate a risk score. You shoulddefine how the riskscore is calculated using your matrix.This score will ultimately be used to prioritizewhich risks are low, medium, and high.4.Consideration should be given in your discussion onhow the output results will be usedby the project team and project manager to prioritize the most significant risksin the nextstep of the risk management process, otherwise known as risk quantification. Note thatthe more significant risks coming from the qualification step should have their probabilityand impact estimated quantitatively during the risk quantification (next assignment).Write a short paper (400-800 words in length) containing your answers.Successful papersdemonstrate:Thoughtful responses that compare/contrast/assess different authors' perspectives.Your insights as well as examples from your personal/work experiences that demonstrateyour ability to apply what you are learning.APA Citations documenting all Internet sources and assigned text readings that were usedto answer the questions.All references listed correctly at the end of the paper and cited properly using APAin the paper.
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