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Role Of Blogs And Reviews In Buyers Decision

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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1ROLE OF BLOGS AND REVIEWS IN BUYERS DECISIONThe global nature of business integrates a series of new concept and ideas which in resultgenerates a new dimension to the business occupation of the business organisation. In addition tothis, with the rapid advancement of technological development, it becomes beneficial for theconsumers to choose and purchase products from home (Lu, Chang and Chang 2014). They donot need to go to the store for buying. Hence, there is possibility for the consumers to have anumber of determinant factors. In this regards, the blogs and product reviews reflect a clearunderstanding of the consumer behaviour and also possess an influential factor for thepurchasing mentality of the customers. The use of internet and computers are witnessing avigorous development in trend of online purchasing which further instigates the consumers torely on internet technologies more (Chen and Lin, 2015). Therefore, the essay is going to discussthe influencing role of blogs and product reviews on consumers and the way these technologicalfactors can put impacts on the purchasing behaviour of the customers. In course of the discussionthe essay follows an array of concepts and understandings which will further helpful to give aproper perception about the topic.Verbal promotion was considered to be a prevalent practice in the earlier part ofmarketing. Verbal marketing strategy is regarded as a promotional tool which is based on theoral transmission of words from one customer to another. In some cases, the company officialswere deliberately mentioned their product names publicly so that it could maximize customers.However, in course of time that strategy was going to fade away and with the help oftechnological advancement business organisations are now following a more effective method ofbusiness promotions (Schiffmanet al.2014). In this regards, the digital marketing emerges as adriving tool for meeting the need of the people. There are a number of digital marketingstrategies where blogs and product reviews are considered to be the newest addition. Blogs and
2ROLE OF BLOGS AND REVIEWS IN BUYERS DECISIONproduct reviews are associated with the previous experience related to the specific product (Chenand Lin 2015). It can be composed by some experts or the previous purchaser can write theirexperiences in this regards. Business organisations are using the reviews and product orientedblogs to create a transparent image of the item. The product reviews generally encompass thestrengths and weaknesses regarding the item which in return help the consumers to determine thenature of the product.In this context, there are some key factors regarding the role of blogs and reviews ininfluencing the consumer behaviour while purchasing an item. It can be argued that productreviews has a great deal of impact on the purchasing behaviour of customers (Hoet al.2015). Inmost of the developed countries people are much relied upon the reviews as a social proof. Theproof is related to decision making process of the consumers. The empirical evidences prove thatproduct reviews provide some sort of advices to the people when they are going to buy aparticular product. The study on the American case scenario reflects that about 82% of theAmerican adults practice the habit of going through the product reviews before purchasing aproduct where as 62% of the customers use reviews as a weekly basis (Schiffmanet al.2014). Itcan also be asserted that the product reviews yield profits for the companies because most of thecustomers at a percentage of 68% approximately are willing to pay more by getting assuranceand trust provided by the product reviews.In course of this discussion, there are some influential factors regarding product reviewsthat can be identified. By giving stars and ratings consumers share their product reviews in thecompany portal. As a result of that, the reviews play a significant role in building trust andassurance in respect of the specific product (Xie, Zhang and Zhang 2014). It is an effective
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