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INTRODUCTIONMarketing is the process or an activity that helps to create business communication,selling or buying the services in order to meet out the customer needs and wants as per Philipkotler. Present study will be based on Top Shop which is a big retail fashion store in UK. Theydeal with clothing, shoes, accessories and cosmetics commodity. The main intention of thisreport is to investigate the concept Marketing & understanding needs of customers or buyers.Furthermore, report will be explaining the marketing functional goals and responsibilities ofmanagersof marketing purpose relate to the wider organisational context. Besides, explainingrelationship of marketing and other structural departments of Top Shop such as sales, production,financial etc. In order to get over from the barriers such improper market information etc. reportalso presenting effective marketing plan for that as well.LO 1a). Explaining the roles and responsibilities of marketing functions.Marketing function needs to be define firstRoles and ResponsibilitiesTop Shop Marketing manager have responsibility to collect and analyse marketinformation (Ansah and, 2015).Marketing Manager needs to achieve Top Shop objectives for example: company has a30% market share of a clothing products.Marketing manager responsibility is to produce new designing of product and services asper the need of Top Shop potential buyers.Keep maintained standard sizing, quality, design, weight and colour or raw material to beused.Marketing manager plays a most important role to monitoring and managing social mediaactivities and goals.
b). Explaining the roles & Responsibilities of marketing in the context of marketingenvironment.Marketing business surroundings relates to environment which includes internal &external factors (Breugelmans and Campo, 2016). These factors influence directly or indirectlycompany marketing operations.Roles & ResponsibilitiesIt is the responsibilities of marketing to analyse political, social, environmental or legalenvironment.Marketing role is to research market in order to ensure current laws and regulations.To obtain the growth or managing successful business growth (Grosso, Castaldo andGrewal, 2018).Marketing function requires to maintained social behaviour in the market to sustain themarket growth.c). Explaining the significance of interrelationship between marketing and other functional unitsof a organisation.Marketing department content different functional activities such as advertisement,finance, distribution systemincludes in the activity of marketing. Marketing is the interrelatedfunction between all other departments (Fernie and Sparks, 2014).Marketing department interrelate with Human Resource Department :Marketingfunction interrelate with human resource department, HR appoint the best potential andcompetent employees for a marketing departments.HRM also interrelated with the marketingfunctions in terms of different motivational theories of HRM that helps to motivate marketingemployee to perform a great job. Such as Maslow Need hierarchy theory, two factor theory etc.Marketing department interrelate with Sales Department :Marketing functiondepartments interrelate with sales departments in order to ensure the maximum sales return.Without marketing function sales cannot be reached to the high point.Without the assistance ofMarketing department production department cannot understand what to produce (Grosso,Castaldo and Grewal, 2018). Marketing manager communicate the needs and wants of thecustomers to the production department.In this section, marketing theory helps to salesdepartment to identify the existing competitors in the market with the help of Porter's five forces
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