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Assignment Materials and Sources

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Added on  2019-09-16

Assignment Materials and Sources

   Added on 2019-09-16

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SAD Level - 1 Sept 2016 - Jan 2017MAJAN UNIVERSITY COLLEGEFACULTY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYSTUDENT ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEETModule Name and Level System Analysis and Design ( Level 1) Module CodeCC08-1 Assessment No. Assessment 2 Assessment Type & weighting:Individual Report & Presentation (Weighting 60%)STUDENT MCUC NUMBER:Please note that a grade will only be given to those whose student number is noted on this form. Please ensure that the student numbers from all group members are recorded accurately.Submission Date:25. 12. 2016MODULE TUTORS:Rinsy JohnDECLARATIONThe work contained in this assignment is my own and that all materials and sources usedhave been acknowledged.I have not copied or colluded in part or in whole, or otherwise plagiarised the work of otherstudents. This assignment has not been submitted for previous assessment in any other subject or to asubstantial extent has been accepted for the award of any other unit, module, degree ordiploma of a university or any other institute, except where due acknowledgement is made inthe text.I confirm that I have read, understood and followed the guidelines for assignment submissionand presentation provided by the lecturer.I understand that this assignment may be retained on the database and used to makecomparisons with other assignments in future.I have made a copy of my assignment This work may be photocopied and/or communicated for the purpose of identifyingplagiarism. I give permission for a copy of this marked assignment to be retained by the faculty ofInformation Technology for the purpose of course reviews by external examiners and to beused as a resource by Majan University College. I understand that unauthorized late submission without a valid written extension will bemarked G (0) as per the college policy mentioned in the students’ handbook page 16 section4.4. System Analysis and DesignMajan University CollegePage 1
Assignment Materials and Sources_1
SAD Level - 1 Sept 2016 - Jan 2017Assessment 2Assignment (Weighting 60%)This assessment is an individual assignment which will count for 60% of the overall grade. Theassessment is divided into 4 tasks. The report will be marked out of 40% towards the final gradeand the presentation will be marked out of 20% towards the final grade. It is required to pass forthe report and the presentation separately in order to pass the assignment.Instructions to the students:Choose a business for which an information system is needed and specify what motivates you toselect this topic. e.g.Attendance Management SystemPlacement Information SystemMobile Recharge StorePhone Billing SystemWater Billing SystemElectric Billing SystemYou are strongly recommended to discuss the topic with your Lecturer before commencing theTasks:Majan University CollegePage 21. Task 1: ProposalFor this task, you should submit an assignment proposal. The task 1 should include at least the following: a.background information about the organization (you should explain about your reference system)b.statement of the problem to be solved the information system can solve their problems?You may get the feedback before the end of week 10.
Assignment Materials and Sources_2
SAD Level - 1 Sept 2016 - Jan 2017Majan University CollegePage 32.Task 2: Limited requirement specificationYou should submit a requirement specification document limited to the list of functionalities to be included as well as the non-functional requirements. a.The fact-finding techniques should be clearly explained with proper justification. b.There should be a minimum of 6 functional and 3 non-functional requirements. Each requirement MUST be explained in a paragraph. Brief points will NOT be accepted!c.Explain how the business (in your case) can be benefited from information system.NOTE: The evidence of the fact-finding MUST be attached in the appendix (e.g. if you use questionnaire technique, a sample of questions should be available to prove your work. You may get the feedback before the end of week 11. 3. Task 3: Limited logical designThe logical design of the system MUST match the requirements. The following parts should be included in Task 3:a.Context- level Data Flow Diagram (DFD). b.Level-0 DFD diagram that shows how the data flows through a system (detailed process flow, data flows and data stores). c.Level-1 DFD diagram (one diagram). d.At least three main entities should be identified along with their attributes. NOTE 1: Each diagram MUST be explained in details. Do not draw the diagram WITHOUT explanation. NOTE 2: You are required to use MS-Visio to design the above diagrams.NOTE 3: The ORIGINAL file MUST be available during the presentation. Screenshots, images and etc. will NOT be accepted.* * Get the feedback on your diagrams ONLY during the class hours in Week 12 & 13.***The technical report with conclusion and proper referencing (Harvard referencing) mustbe submitted during week 14.
Assignment Materials and Sources_3
SAD Level - 1 Sept 2016 - Jan 2017Majan University CollegePage 44. Task 4: Presentation (Week 15) You are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and present your work for 10 to 15 minutes. The following points are compulsory in your presentation:a.The title slide (including the College logo, module name, assignment title, your complete name and student ID)b.Background (explaining about the case and the problems they face if they don't use an information system)c.Fact-finding (techniques you have used, functional and non-functional requirements)d.Diagrams (All diagrams designed in Task 3)e.Conclusionf.ReferencesNOTE 1:You will be informed about your presentation schedule. You MUST present ONLYand ONLY in the batch where your name is registered. Read the instructions carefully. NOTE 2: You will be asked ANY question regarding your assignment. Some of questions are part of the evaluation process and some are for the further clarification. Be ready!
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