Strategic Marketing Plan for Whole Foods Market


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SGMT 2Strategic Marketing Plan for Whole Foods Market Inc1.It has been observed that in the recent times Whole Foods Market Inc is facing some of the problems. One of the main problems that the company is facing at present is finding the right marketing strategy of the organic food in the Whole Food Market.Throwing light on the above-mentioned statement it can be stated that almost all the organic food items are mainly sold via the mass market retailers by the Whole Foods Market Inc. It is the trend that is regarded as quite problematic for the company. On the other hand, in a figure it has been highlighted that the Whole Foods Market only has 1.2% of share in the entire grocery market of the U.S. The organic food industry is a relatively new one in which customers preferences have not been segmented precisely so there are many emergent consumers who are likely to shop in a mass market grocery store rather than speciality store due to their prioritization of convenience.[ CITATION How17 \l 4105 ]2.The company has single focus on the high-end produce has alienated a much more price-conscious shoppers and they are also having a lot of issues with the negative price perception.The company is also struggling for developing to form a working defensive strategy against the lower-priced competition. It is quite vital for mentioning that some of the choices that have been made by the company in terms of their strategy, have forced the firm for making the trade-offs which have been one of the biggest contributors to some of the problems that isfaced by the company in the recent times (Turner, Wang & Soper, 2017).
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