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SILVER MEADOWS CARE HOME1Task 1:-(a)There are various legislations which support the policies and processes for thecommunication of information on health and safety in the Silver Meadows care home that canbe implemented and are as follows (Gordon et al., 2013):Health and safety work act 1974-This act covers the issues and problems which are related to welfare, safety, and health across thevarious sectors. In this act, the employees of Silver Meadows will have an obligation in order totake care of people of care home and will cooperate with the managers.Management of health and safety at work regulations 1992-Under this act, the managers do the assessment of risk and record the appropriate findings. Thisact forces the managers to make such arrangements in order to implement the health and safetyof Silver Meadows care home. The employees are given proper training to take care of thepeople of care home.Food safety act 1990-This act includes the food services, storage and preparation of food according to therequirements. According to this act, the local authorities are the ones who are responsible forreinforcing through the environmental standards of health and safety.Therefore, the systems, policies, and processes for the communication of information on healthand safety in the Silver Meadows care home sometimes are compromised and this can berectified by working according to the legislations, and some of them are given above.
SILVER MEADOWS CARE HOME2(b)Health and safety in the Silver Meadows care home are planned by two types of institutionsi.e. government and non-government. In the system of Silver Meadows, the roles andresponsibilities are divided from local authorities to the health department. It also includes theproviders and takers of the services, groups of the clinical commission, board of the SilverMeadows and system for monitoring. Silver Meadows is a system of integration in which the allthe bodies of the organization of care home have the responsibilities related to health and safetyin Silver Meadows care home. The management of health and safety of Silver Meadows includesthe techniques which are used in a systematic way in order to identify and remove the hazards ofcare home and controlling and monitoring the risk in order to inspire and encourage the behaviorand attitude which is required while using the techniques (Parkes et al, 2013). Let us take anexample of a person who is physically disabled. He will be taken to a restaurant once in a weekbecause he cannot go alone and he wants to eat pizza every week but the workers know that thepizza is unhealthy and should be consumed regularly then they will use some technique in orderto motivate and encourage the disabled individual in order to have healthy food without evenshouting at him. Therefore, the management and responsibility are interconnected to the carehome and individuals.(c)The safety and health priorities are different for every care home. There are some stepswhich are to be followed for an individual who is physically disabled in the Silver Meadowswhich are given below (Healy et al, 2016):In context of individual health-It is important to understand the behavior and attitude of an individual who is disabled.Identify the reasons for his such type of behavior.After the identification of reasons, the treatment is given to him.
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