Equity and Diversity in Sociology

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This essay analyzes a conversation between two colleagues to explore the concepts of self-compassion, self-care, cultural humility, and anti-oppressive practices. It highlights the importance of equity and diversity in society.

Equity and Diversity in Sociology

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The analysis will be based on the conversation between the two colleagues on the basis of a
scenario. The aim of the scenario in this essay will determine the various concepts and its
practicality in the actual life by promoting the concepts of self-compassion and self-care, then
cultural humility and anti-oppressive practices in a negative and a positive form that is
perceived by the society. The interpretation of the conversation is to figure out the social
differences between the individual of a dominant and an individual of a subordinate group to
encourage the aspect of equity in terms of diversity.
The concept of self-compassion is explained in the manner where the person has developed
an ability to deal positively with oneself. It is the situation where the person gives away the
failure and any kind of suffering or insufficiency caused but while accepting it as a challenge
to move further in the right direction (Gerbarg, M.D, Muskin, & Brown, 2017). However, the
people who get motivated from the distress, pain or mistake can have better outcomes in their
lives on every step of the level rather getting demoralized and fall into the wrong conduct.
In relevance to the conversation between Steve and Polly where this term is evaluated in the
incorrect manner because of Polly being lacking in making the self-decision, thinking that she
is somewhere exercising wrongful acts by not getting involved with the family and her
husband and also she is having a feeling of discomfort regarding the manner of living and a
guilt in the mind (Neff & Pommier, 2012). So, in the same way throughout the difficult time
and situations the person still acts in a usual course of action is the ultimate fulfilling the term
of self-compassion.
The other concept refers to self-care that is a very important factor in one’s life to stay
healthy. It is also the way out to keep the other relationships in a well-defined manner where
one can accept the facts in an appropriate manner. If the aim of self-care is accomplished
within an individual with positivity then all the other elements are fulfilled. In any
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circumstance the person should not forget to maintain self-caring as this is the most
significant aspect to feel good and enhances the confidence in one’s own self. Similarly in
respect to the scenario where Polly is expressing the factor of self-care in front of Steve
because of having a different view-point compared with the earlier one (Salloum, Kondrat,
Johnco, & Olson, 2015). It is now focusing on the concept of self-care and self-respect which
is initiating towards the goal of a positive life by taking a stand for her and not restricting to
those things which make her happy. Therefore, it is clearly stating the relevancy where Polly
wants to proceed with a desirable life with full confidence and ignoring the negative effects.
The concept of cultural humility relates to understanding one’s own culture and denying the
other in an adverse manner. It is all dependent on the kind of place the individual is born and
brought up and still accepting the conditions and the culture of other individuals. The term
cultural humility is based on adaptability where one is unwillingly disrespecting the culture
of the other without knowing the actual knowledge (Marcie, Cain, & Martin, 2014).
However, the disgrace to the other religion, culture, norms, and values can affect negatively
the society and its individuals which can create vast differences. Every individual has a
culture that defines the personality of an individual in every aspect of existence.
In considering the situation where Steve is being culturally humiliating towards Polly and
stating that he is based on the Christian identity where the religion does not permit to follow
homosexuality on any basis. So, in this particular situation Steve is raising a form of humility
towards her culture and this will create a cultural distinction between the two and the society.
This created a negative impact on Polly by thinking that it was a wrong decision by revealing
the facts of her personal life (Hook & Davis, 2017).
Another concept to be dealt with in accordance with the situation is based on the anti-
oppressive practices that are not permissible within the society. These practices are
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