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SOCIOLOGY IN THE MEDIA“More Schools Hit Poverty Threshold.”by Christian Armario The Boston Globe; May 28, 2010 US Department of Education found that the percent of high poverty schools rose from 12 percent to17 percent between the 1999-2000 and 2007-2008 school years. The number of schools with at leastthree quarters of their children eligible for free or reduced lunch has hit an all time high. This is anexample of relative poverty and as well as a poverty line and indicator.1.Choose one of the theories listed in your book (conflict, functional, symbolic interactionism, orfeminist) and briefly describe the major tenets of the theory. Then answer questions 2-3 throughthe lens of your chosen theory.2.How do reduced and free lunches impact schools?3.What does this say about society?APPLYING SOCIOLOGY TO YOUR LIFEList the three occupations that you consider the most prestigious. What factors make these the mostprestige (some examples may be power, income, respect, etc)?Which theoretical perspective bestsupports the reasoning behind your ranking? Why?INTERNET ACTIVITYEndPoverty2015.orgis a Nongovernmental Organization dedicated to meeting the millennium goals ofreducing poverty. Communities throughout the world are involved in poverty reduction through Standup.Go to the website and track some of the global citizen action networks addressing poverty. How do thesegroups change how you see poverty and citizen action? Will they be effective in achieving povertyreduction? Why or why not? What sociological theory best supports your stance?WHAT DO YOU THINK?There is a stereotype that Americans who are poor just aren’t working hard enough. As you know fromthe reading, sociological evidence shows that this is merely a stereotype and not true in most cases.What would you say to someone who believes this stereotype? Be sure to use ample sociologicalevidence which you can find in your textbook.
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