Research Design and Timetable for SOCY60401


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SOCY60401: Research Design 1 Assessment, 2015-16Student ID: 123456789Research Design:[Provisional Title of ResearchProject]January 2017Word Count: ????Keywords: [insert 1-5 keywords that identify the area(s) ofinterest for your research design]NB This template is for suggestion only. Do not feel you have to stick to this set ofheadings exactly, but do make sure you include all of the required information asdescribed in Research Design Assessment Guidelines available on Blackboard.Research Topic[Include your brief statement of your research puzzle or questions] PRO TOPIC , OCHEM ON I TD1
Research Design and Timetable for SOCY60401_1

SOCY60401: Research Design 1 Assessment, 2015-16Student ID: 123456789Topic RationaleThe Reason WHY I CHOSE THIS TOPIC [2-3 paragraphs here]Detailed Research QuestionsVOPROSY S NEKIMI ARGUMENTAMY BY BACKING UP WITH AUTHORS [You may wantto include a bulleted or numbered list here, but you should also include some furtherexplanation as to how answering these questions would add up to an overall answer tothe puzzle or question outlined above.]Research Design[This is likely to be the longest section and you may wish to break it down under sub-headings. Common headings for empirical projects are listed below as examples. Youshould adapt these to fit your own project.]Concepts and OperationalizationSelection and Access to ParticipantsData Collection MethodsSurvey, focus groupsData AnalysisSpss Ethical and Political Issues2
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