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Stage 4:. Final System Report. Before you begin this as

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Added on  2019-09-23

Stage 4:. Final System Report. Before you begin this as

   Added on 2019-09-23

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Stage 4: Final System ReportBefore you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the Case Study and the feedback you received on your first three staged assignments.Purpose of this AssignmentThis assignment gives you the opportunity to explain and justify a system proposal to gain approval to proceed with the project. This assignment addresses all of the course outcomes to enable you to:plan, build, and maintain systems that meet organizational strategic goals by demonstrating the use of enterprise architecture and applying enterprise governanceprinciples and practices need assessmentapply a systematic approach to translate requirements into an executable systems designeffectively communicate with stakeholders to determine, manage, and document business requirements throughout the SDLCperform modeling to assist with analysis and decision makingAssignmentThe proposed systems design is documented in the form of a Final Systems Report. This report defines objectives and how the proposed system design will satisfy them. The primarypurpose of the report is to inform and gain approval to proceed with the project. It should bepresented in terms that management and users understand. The Final System Report will becompiled from the previously submitted Staged Assignments, supplemented with information about implementation personnel requirements and time and cost estimates. Rather than paste together all of the previous assignments, the outline below should be followed and will require you to re-arrange sections of the previous assignments. Use the case study, your previously submitted staged assignments, and resources and source documents listed below to create a Final System Report in the format provided. Notethat sections are re-organized and some paragraphs may need to be re-written using earlier content but presented as required here. Items highlighted in yellow indicate sections that need to be added to or created for this Report.Final System ReportI.Introduction to the full systems study. (This section will come from your Stage 1: Preliminary Investigation Report, re-written or re-organized as appropriate.)A.An overview of the events leading up to the studyB.The subject of the studyC.The objective and scope of the proposed systemD.A statement of recommendations and justifications for the proposed systemII.Description of the current process/system (This section will come from your Stage1 Assignment: Preliminary Investigation Report.)A.A brief description of the current process or the current system and how it is usedB.The purpose of the current process or systemC.The problems with the current process or system and the rationale for a new systemD.The operating cost of the present system, if applicableIII.Description of the proposed system (Sections A-E will come from your Stage 1Assignment: Preliminary Investigation Report; other sections from sources as indicated.)
Stage 4:. Final System Report. Before you begin this as_1

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