Stage 4:. Final System Report. Final System Report. Int

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Stage 4:. Final System Report. Final System Report. Int

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Stage 4: Final System ReportFinal System ReportI.Introduction to the full systems study. (This section will come from your Stage 1: Preliminary Investigation Report, re-written or re-organized as appropriate.)A.An overview of the events leading up to the studyB.The subject of the studyC.The objective and scope of the proposed systemD.A statement of recommendations and justifications for the proposed systemII.Description of the current process/system (This section will come from your Stage1 Assignment: Preliminary Investigation Report.)A.A brief description of the current process or the current system and how it is usedB.The purpose of the current process or systemC.The problems with the current process or system and the rationale for a new systemD.The operating cost of the present system, if applicableIII.Description of the proposed system (Sections A-E will come from your Stage 1Assignment: Preliminary Investigation Report; other sections from sources as indicated.)A.An overview of the proposed systemB.The scope of the projectC.The tangible and intangible benefits of the proposed systemD.Feasibility AnalysesE.Time and cost estimates to implement the proposed systemF.Requirements Checklist (Stage 2 assignment: Requirements Specification)G.Data Models (Stage 2 assignment: Requirements Specification)H.Process Models (Stage 2 assignment: Requirements SpecificationI.System Design Specification (Stage 3 assignment: System Design Specification)J.Recommended Acquisition Strategy – Respond to each of the following and provide brief explanations of your choices. (New, to be developed) [Week 6 Content reading on Acquisition Strategy]i.Identify scope of what to buy 1.Product or service?2.Commercial-off-the-shelf or custom?3.Use in-house or contractor support?ii.Select hosting alternative (dedicated servers, data center, or cloud computing)K.Implementation Plan (New, to be developed)i.A list of personnel needs to develop, install and maintain the new systemii.A proposed timetable for installing the proposed system and staff-hours required to complete the projectIV.Financial InformationA.The operating cost of the present system, if applicable (from Stage 1)B.The estimated implementation cost of the proposed system (from Stage 1; updated with any new information)C.The estimated operating cost and the estimated useful life of the new system (New, to be developed)D.The tangible and intangible benefits of the proposed system (add to those listed in Stage 1 to include financial benefits)V.Summary - A summary with a positive statement for implementing the proposed system. The summary should include any concerns about the timetable, funds, software, hardware, or personnel available for the project. (New, to be developed)
Stage 4:. Final System Report. Final System Report. Int_1

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