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STAT201A – Research Enquiry for Managers

Added on - 03 Mar 2020

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STAT201A – Research Enquiry forManagersA case analysis on Sublime DelightA pitch perfect summary is required whenever one aims at selling an idea to a potentialinvestor.[ CITATION Eri10 \l 1033 ].It is read before a decision is made in whether theinvestor will bother reading the rest of the document.[ CITATION Eri10 \l 1033 ]Executive SummarySublime delight is a rapidly growing coffee roaster and coffee supplier and a supply outletowned by David Geoffs. Three main products were produced with time,Espresso Delight,Mocha Delight, and Sublime Delight.The products have admirable qualities such as longshelf lives, consistent in flavor and are easy to grind. The company has been able tomaintain an outstanding coffee product and has experienced a more manageable and costeffective process of production. Eighteen months ago the management branched out intocoffee cart operations and three mobile units. The main use of the mobile units beingsupply to building sites, commercial areas and office suits on a regular basis and eventcatering.The company has however faced challenges in the general management. Geoff discoveredthat he was increasingly spending a lot of time on the general business management. Hetherefore decided to recruit a general manager who later left for Australia leaving a bigmess at Sublime DelightThe distribution of sales reveals that the external customers have the highest sales recordfrom March to December. The Internal carts outlets records the highest sale in the month ofJanuary and February. The mobile outlet has the lowest number of sales all through theyear. The company should therefore consider concentrating on the External outlet and theInternal carts and close down the mobile outlet as a way of managing their resources.Considering the distribution of profits across the three outlets, the internal carts contributethe highest profits to the company in the month of January and February. However, as fromMarch to December, the external customers outlet contributes to the highest profits levelwith a maximum of $20000 in the month of December. Throughout the year, the mobileoutlet has the lowest contribution to the company’s profits. Since the main purpose of everybusiness is to maximize on the profits[ CITATION Sal09 \l 1033 ], Sublime delight should
therefore concentrate more on the External customer outlet where they can make moreprofitsand also on the internal carts outlets. Resources should therefore not be wasted onthe mobile outlets whose profit margin is very low.IntroductionEvidence for the solutions given will be provided by workings from Excel. The datasetsprovided will be investigated using the BADIR methodology in order to find the mostappropriate and useful information required from the datasets. BADIR stands for theBusiness question, Analysis plan, Data collection, deriving of insights andRecommendations.Task 1(I) Sales distribution among the outletsJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec01002003004005006007008009001000Distribution of sales across outlets per month.External CustomersInternal CartsMobilesResults above show the distribution of sales across all the three outlets. The externalcustomer outlet is on average high across the months compared to the internal carts and themobiles. The maximum distribution of sales in the External customers is 905 kg and theminimum is 626kg. Sales in the internal carts are highest in the months of January andFebruary. The maximum sales are 837kg and the minimum is 665kg. The mobile outlet has
the least sale distributions all along the year with an average sale distribution of 200kg. Thelowest sale distribution for this outlet is 186kg and the highest is 238kg. Highest sales are inthe month of December for all the outlets.We recommend the company to invest more in the external customer outlet since it recordsthe highest sales in the month of March to December. They should also concentrate on theinternal carts since they record the highest sale in the month of January and February.In conclusion, the external customer and internal cart outlets seem to record highest sales inthe month of December. The company should either find morebuilding sites, commercialareas and office suits to supply to or close down the mobile outlets in order to increase salesin the other two outlets.(ii)Distribution of profits among the different outletsJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec0.05000.010000.015000.020000.025000.0Distribution of profitsExternmal CustomersInternal cartsMobilesMonthProfitsThe figure above shows the profits distribution among the three outlets. In the months ofJanuary and February, Internal carts bring in most profits compared to the other outlets. Asfrom march to December, the external Customers record the highest profits with amaximum of $20362.5and a minimum of11581.0.Internal carts outlet contributes amaximum of $18825.0 to the Company’s profits and a minimum of $13965.0.Themobile outlet is seemingly a low source of profits at an average of $3415.1for this
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