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Strengths Concerning Emotional Intelligence

Please read and sign this assessment coversheet and submit it together with your assessment to your Assessor by the due date.

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Added on  2022-09-18

Strengths Concerning Emotional Intelligence

Please read and sign this assessment coversheet and submit it together with your assessment to your Assessor by the due date.

   Added on 2022-09-18

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Strengths Concerning Emotional Intelligence_1
Task 1:
1. Personal emotional intelligence
1.1 SWOT Analysis
My strengths concerning emotional intelligence is regarding two vital aspects. These are
Self-awareness and empathy. I am aware of my own abilities and I can identify with the needs
and wants of others. I can understand how far I can contribute towards any given. I am well
aware of the issues of others.
My weakness lies in the field of social skill and motivation. Hence, I can say that I can
face significant issues while motivating others to perform better. I am hesitant to mix with people
in the very first instance.
The opportunity lies in the fact that if I am able to nurture all the aspects of emotional
intelligence, I would be able to perform better as a leader in the future. I believe there is
systematic growth opportunities once I am able to nurture better emotional intelligence within
If I am unable to develop higher levels of emotional intelligence I would not be able to
grow as an effective leader. This would be disastrous for my career in the consultancy firm.
Strengths Concerning Emotional Intelligence_2
2. Identification of stress instances in the workplace
There were three instances of workplace stress that were experienced in the workplace.
Firstly, there was an instance in my previous working days. I felt stressed as I was unable to
understand the work requirements at the time. Secondly, at one time I was unable to achieve my
required target. This caused me to visit the higher manager. I became stressed as the feedback I
received was harsh. The third instance was at a time when I had an argument with my senior
manager. I was unaware of an unethical practice that I engaged in unknowingly. My senior
manager alleged I had done so on purpose. This created a sense of anger and defensiveness in me
against my senior manager.
3. Two causes that trigger personal emotional states in the workplace
Two significant causes tend to affect my personal emotional states. These are excessive
stress and workplace conflict. These are the major factors for which I need to be aware of and
keep my peers and subordinates aware at the same time. I need to be aware when excessive stress
can come at work and prepare myself accordingly. To control workplace conflicts I would need
to generate better collaboration with the managers and peers.
4. Emotional management and modelling workplace behavior
Workplace behaviors can be modelled through the use of behavioral policies.
Additionally, a friendlier workplace environment triggers better workplace behavior and
compliance. I provided my team with an effective session on managing own work by helping
other. This was done at a time when the team was divided into newer and older members that
needed more push to get along well with each other. The session was about team bonding and
teamwork. The model was based on managing own work while taking care of the fellow
employees at the same time. The model was about team work and effective coordination.
Strengths Concerning Emotional Intelligence_3
5. Actions to improve personal emotional intelligence through self-reflection
In order to improve my emotional intelligence firstly, I would seek feedback from my
managers and also my peers concerning my emotional intelligence levels. Secondly, I would
learn more about handling workplace stress and emotional connections. I would study more
about the philosophical and psychological nature of work in organizational environments. The
third action I would take would be to create more communication with my peers and
subordinates. This would give me a more personalized relationship development platform with
the people that matter and I would develop a strong emotional intelligence outlook.
Task 2: Case Study
Answer 1:
Response to store manager’s behavior
The best way to respond to the store manager’s behavior would be a long and effective
feedback session. In this case the store manager would also need to be given an opportunity to
explain herself for her behavior. The best possible leadership model that can be used is
transformational leadership model. In this model the focus would be on the development of
emotional skills and the development of innovative leadership approaches.
Principles of emotional intelligence
The store manager did not display empathy. At the same time she also did not show any
self-regulation, which resulted in her outburst. There were simply no motivational factors that
were used by the store manager at the time. In essence she did not develop any understanding of
the situation and carried out a very forceful meetings that did not create any success.
Strengths Concerning Emotional Intelligence_4

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