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Student Case Study 6.

Added on -2019-09-18

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Student Case Study 6- Challenge:-Choose a 21st century+ disruptive technology, as described generally in Chapter 3 (Laudon andLaudon): Section 3.1 Disruptive Technologies,that you believe might discernably impact the business operations and / or the technology operationsof a domestic fictitious organization anddiscuss the impacts- 80% of Grade; and-Discuss how this disruptive technology might (or might not) impact the international technology operations of the organization, as described in Chapter 15 (Laudon and Laudon): Section 15.3 Challenges Posed by Global Information Systems and Section 15.5 Challenges of International Networks- 20% of Grade.- Minimum Number of Pages: 3- Minimum Number of References (Excluding Laudon and Laudon): 3IMPORTANT NOTEIn addition to refer to atleast 5 other sources, You WILL BE REQUIRED to refer the book -Laudon, Kenneth C and Laudon, Jane P. "Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm”.14th edition. Pearson, 2015. Print.Please do include reference from mandatorily. Try to include reference from (for sample but great if you can include all citations from these websites because this is favored by my professor) –- Business Week - Computerworld- Customer Relationship Management- Harvard Business Review - IEEE Computer - Information Week- MIT Sloan Management Review

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