Disruptive Tech's Domestic & Global Impact


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Student Case Study 6- Challenge:-Choose a 21st century+ disruptive technology, as described generally in Chapter 3 (Laudon andLaudon): Section 3.1 Disruptive Technologies,that you believe might discernably impact the business operations and / or the technology operationsof a domestic fictitious organization anddiscuss the impacts- 80% of Grade; and-Discuss how this disruptive technology might (or might not) impact the international technology operations of the organization, as described in Chapter 15 (Laudon and Laudon): Section 15.3 Challenges Posed by Global Information Systems and Section 15.5 Challenges of International Networks- 20% of Grade.- Minimum Number of Pages: 3- Minimum Number of References (Excluding Laudon and Laudon): 3IMPORTANT NOTEIn addition to refer to atleast 5 other sources, You WILL BE REQUIRED to refer the book -Laudon, Kenneth C and Laudon, Jane P. "Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm”.14th edition. Pearson, 2015. Print.Please do include reference from www.cio.com/ www.cioinsight.com mandatorily. Try to include reference from (for sample but great if you can include all citations from these websites because this is favored by my professor) –- Business Week - Computerworld- Customer Relationship Management- Harvard Business Review - IEEE Computer - Information Week- MIT Sloan Management Review
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