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Student Id:“CRITICALLYEVALUATETHEROLEOFTHESEFOURFACTORSTHATCANINFLUENCEPERSUASION: (1) THECOMMUNICATOR, (2) THEMESSAGE, (3) HOWTHEMESSAGEISCOMMUNICATEDAND (4) THEAUDIENCE. ”INTRODUCTIONThis study focusses on the subject of persuasion and its factors of influences such as,communicator, message (what is message???) , and channel of communication of those messagesand finally the audience have been discussed in brief as per the requirements. The literature reviewof persuasion it has been found a thorough concept on persuasion as well. ( this does not makesense at all)Use this instead: This literature review focuses on the subject of persuasion. Persuasion hasnumerous amounts of influences. For example; communication , message??? and the channel ofcommunication.You need to define what message and communication is ??LITERATUREREVIEWON PERSUASIONWhat is persuasion? You need to first define it then start the introductionThe Persuasion is mainly trying to influence in which way the individual thinks or behave.(Not a good start....)But it is also equally correct that being persuasive doesn’t mean to same thing like being right. On the other hand Persuasion is the act or process that presents the arguments which will move,motivate or change the audience (Myers & Twenge, 2016) Aristotle taught rhetoric, related to public speaking. In both the cases it is involved the faculty whocan observe the available meanings of persuasion. Again, as a matter of fact. Former president1 | Page

Student Id:Obama, who may be appealed the sense of duty as national values. as per to lend the car keys, it isneeded to persuade the parents, but the individual may ask one of the parents instead of bothkeeping in mind the one who will readily approachable as well as provide the same idea as theindividual is thinking for him/her.This is a good point but you need research articles as evidence, oryou could say why he is persuasiveThe Persuasion thus is implicit as well as explicit while the both positive and negative effects willact together (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2014). Moreover, Persuasion is one of the most significant goals (what do you mean by goals?) incase of language as well as communication (give an example of language and communication)(Infante, Rancer, & Womack, 1997). Nonetheless, persuasion can be applied universally. Forexample; playing the essential role in case of politics, psychotherapy, religion, education and also inday-to-day social interaction. Among a various number of people there is an attempt for influencing the other individuals and alsotheir have targeted influence. They also try to learn something new which is about the workprocesses of persuasion in the means of trial and errors (McCroskey, 1968). Contrarily, intuitiveknowledge of persuasion that is able to advise the availability from the popular books for thesubject, scholars which are in same disciplines that is psychology, political science,communications, advertising or marketing has the systematic study of persuasion in case of manyyears (Hogg & Vaughan, 2014). Thus, persuasion is an attempt to get something fixed or changed. Likewise, from the perspective ofWiener (YEAR?), who generally believes that a person is not able to persuade the mass audiencewhere the person is influenced by its social surroundings (Wiener, 1994). On the other hand,Redding who fits the description of persuader cannot get the others to accept the new idea orproposal until they individually perceives it as a good idea (Redding, 1984). In addition, with,O’Keefe he has added humour in the persuasive message which could have the effect on theperceptions of some communicators (O’Keefe, 1990). It is also easier to get individuals to conduct something which the individual is willing to dosomething that the individual is not willing to do (Cartwright, 1949). Also, according to Swindle,persuading the other person to do something that the person individually wants to do is not easyshown (Swindle, 1983). INFLUENCEOF PERSUASION2 | Page

Student Id:THECOMMUNICATORa)Credibility: The communications have gained credibility for appearing as trustworthyexperts. If the source is credible there are favourable opinions on what can be generatedwith response to a message. There is the impact of non-credible person alsocorrespondingly increase within the time where the individual may remember themessage than the reason of discounting it. Again, the source credibility which consists oftwo components, such as the influential information. Also the knowledgeability and alsothe objectivity are two components in case of communicator’s credibility and thatfrequently exert the influence in case of the persuasive situations (Smith, Kawakami, &Cooper., 2016). Moreover, the credibility will be transmitted to the perceivers in severalways. The communicator can perceive as the trustworthy as there is the argument againstthe self-interest or in case of honest judgement where the communicating facts willconsidered to be valid. Furthermore, there are some evidences that also expertise thatmay not exert the strong influence in case of attitude change unless it has been perceivedwith the trustworthiness for some change in degree (Hovland, Janis, & Kelley, 1953).b)Attractiveness as opposed to liking: On the other hand, the physical attraction andunattractiveness among male and female communicators can deliver the persuasivemessage to the target undergraduates ( STUDY??) . In case of data gathered from thecommunicator in the process of earlier laboratory session, which indicates the physicalattractive and unattractive communicators are differed with respect to the severalcommunication skills along with the relevant attributes for communicatorpersuasiveness. Also, it has been found that the attractive individuals will be morepersuasive than the unattractive person as because they possess the characteristics whichare disposed for more effective communicators (Chaiken, 1079).THEMESSAGEThe message is another influencer of persuasion and its importance lies whatthe individual says about. Persuasive messages sometimes appeal with the logic or with theemotions. Also, the negative persuasive arguments are illustrated the bad things and thusthey are not followed with the course of action. In case of the people wants to follow thecourse of action when there is positive sense of messages.Positive emotional messages: In case of the positive anti-smoking campaign is displayed inthe school where they are looking healthy as well as happy and having lots of positivefriends. (which school? Give an example)Thus the positive recycling message that needs to be talked about has saved some naturalresources by recycling. To what extent the positive messages are applicable to the businessfinances and also how the recycling positive message cycle has saved the habitats toendanger the species. Also positive appeals have emphasized the good as well as thelistener’s desire for the good and also the happy emotions (Midden & Ham, 2016). 3 | Page

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