Report On Role Of Maryland In Response To HIV


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IntroductionMaryland is Mid Atlantic region state in the United States of America which isdefined by its coastlines and waterways which are abundantly spread. Its largest city isBaltimore and has capital named Annapolis.HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a kind of virus that directly attacks theimmunity of a person and weakens his body defence mechanism (T cells specially) reducinghis body’s ability of fighting against diseases and infections thus leading to causing AIDS(Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). During the year 2015, Maryland held 5th rankamong the all US states in HIV diagnosis. This report holds an aim of describing and definingrole of Maryland in response of HIV , in regard of achieving the 2020 goal of fighting withHIV (Rao, 2017). There were about 1200 new HIV diagnosis in Maryland in the year 2016out of 40,000 (approx) in the whole US. But because of increased awareness and an aim todefeat this life taking disease ( in case of not taking care of the patient carefully). Slowly and steadily, its no more being a hindrance for living a normal life to thepatients. Also, because of the technological advancement, it has become easier to enjoy thelife and make the circumstances normal to live a better life. The medical science has made somuch advancement that only one pill a day is required for keeping the body away from thevirus and curing the disease. So many people and even doctors are working day and night tospread awareness and zeal in the patients and also those who have the chances to get into thisdisease later in life. Because of the hard work of the doctors and scientists, and NGO’s thedecline in the death rate of HIV patients has risen up to 88%.

Around one in every seven people in the USA who are HIV positive have no clueabout their disease. Also, those who get infected by HIV have a high percentage of Gay menand Bisexual men, and some high percentage of African Americans is also on the list. Eventwo third of transgender people in America have never gone for testing of HIV.HIV transmits a high risk of cardiovascular disease in the human body. And pressurethe immune system of the person infected with towards the down direction. In Maryland, thegovernment has aimed for 90-90-90 target, by the year 2020 which aims that 90% of peopleinfected would be knowing about their disease (awareness for the disease), 90% of thoseinfected would be taking proper medication and going through good care, and 90% of thosetaking medication would be get cured by the medication.PrEP (i.e pre-exposure prophylaxis) is known as a powerful tool for the prevention andprotection from HIV which can reduce the risk of HIV by as high as 92%.Women infected with HIV in MarylandThe capital region of Maryland known as Baltimore witnesses the data of HIV whichaccounts that the American African women are times more infectious than other womenDarlington, 2017). This gender from Africa had faced tortured for centuries in Americawhich might be a reason for the higher percentage of African American women beinginfected with HIV in comparison with other women. But the data percentage is higher forblack men and gay. This has become a very serious health issue in Baltimore and there is anurgent need for the concerned authorities to take care of and handle the percentage withimmediate effects.Higher risk in Young People

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