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Case Study On Effective Business Communication

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Added on  2020-02-23

Case Study On Effective Business Communication

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Effective Business Communication
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Executive Summary
This report deals with the company that has been provided in the case study, which operates on a
multinational level and caters to a million customers on a global manner. The company faces
problem in its communication pattern, which is causing a problem in handling the employees in
an efficient manner. The report contains examples of successful organizations that have effective
methods of communication, which has helped the companies in keeping the employees
motivated and engaged within the line of production. The strategies have also been provided,
which will help the company that is provided in the case study to maintain a healthy pattern of
communication with the employees.
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The communication needs to be effective in nature in any organization, as it helps in
building the morale of the employees and engages them in a better way within the organization.
Failing in doing so might increase the chances of hampering the relationship with the employees,
as it may lead to misunderstandings and breaking of trust within the organization. Ineffective
communication may lead to the failure of the strategies that the company wants to adopt within
its organizational culture (Jin, Liu & Austin, 2014).
Successful organizations
Multinational organizations like Zappos who are renowned for their business of selling
shoes on the internet have a better culture within the company, as the employees who are newly
hired within the organization has to undergo a training period following which the employees are
offered $2000 if they quit the job during the training period. This helps the company in engaging
the employees within the system in a better manner. The budget of the company is made in a
way that will help in building up the team and promote culture within the organization. the
communication within the organization is flat in nature, which helps the employees in interacting
with the managers in a better manner (Cardon & Marshall, 2015).
The organizational culture within Zappos helps the employees to be happy and remain
committed towards the work so that it helps them in increasing their level of productivity.
Another famous organization, Google also has an effective pattern of communication
within the organization. The employees are provided with free trips and financial bonuses that
help them in being engaged within the organization. The headquarters of the organization is
designed in such a way so that it can house the departments in different parts. This helps the
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