Study on Skill Motivation Matrix

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Running head: SKILL-MOTIVATION MATRIXSkill-Motivation MatrixName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1SKILL-MOTIVATION MATRIXAnswer 1:The case study shows presents six members namely, Alice, Bill, Chris, Doug, Ericaand Lisa.Aliceshows high responsibly andhigh skillwhile performing her duties. Since sheis involved in bringing about innovation and training employees, it can be construed that sheis a good motivator, hence,high on the motivationscale as well.Billshoulders extraresponsibility but lacks some skills. Therefore, he ishigh on motivationbutlow on skill.Chrisexhibits lack ofboth motivation and skills. This is evident from the fact that he doesnot show motivation and other members of the team XYZ doubt his skills.Dougis a memberand participates in three teams. This allows him to improve his talent and but he is stillrequired to improve his skills. Thus belongs to thehigh motivation and low skill quadrantin the matrix.Ericais a good team member but her performance has declined. However, herskill is not under question but it is leadership quality, which is under question. This hasplaced her in thehigh skill and low motivation zone.Lisais top performer and is a goodleader. Hence, she comes under the category ofhigh motivation and skills quadrant (Patel,Messersmith & Lepak, 2013). The above discussion is presented on askill motivationmatrixas shown below:
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