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Running head: LEARNINGLEARNINGName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1LEARNINGRecent generation is witnessing that students are adapting to online study proceduresbesides the traditional styles of learning. Both of the procedures have advantages anddisadvantages. Literature search will be done from various databases like Pubmed, Googlescholar, and others with the use of proper search terms. The selected articles have been reviewedto gather information which had been listed below.Researchers like Kulkarni et al. (2015) have praised the medium of online learning bystating that it is themost convenientmeans of learning. It does not require any importantcomponents except computer or a Smartphone with an internet connection. An individualpossessing them can access information and learn them from anywhere in the world and at anytime. Distance has no longer been the barrier in this kind of learning, both in professional andpersonal fields. Researchers like Van Noorden (2014) are supporter of this fact and are of theopinion that corporate trainings have largely been benefitted in resource saving. This method oflearning has the ability to reach unlimited number of individuals quickly and regardless of theirlocation. Another advantage is that it isflexibleand allows students to learn at their own pace.Students get the freedom to build their own learning schedule and can choose themselves what tolearn and when to learn. This creates less pressure and keeps the students stable and tension free.Moreover, this kind of learning is alsocost effective(Wang et al. 2013). It saves travel andaccommodation expenses and cuts the budgets used on training materials. Saving money onacademic expenditures can help learners who have low socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover,it is also helping organizations to cut their budgets for booking auditoriums, assigning resourcesfor each of the trainees, hire trainers and others. Another benefit is that it can betailoredaccording to meet the needsof the people as various materials are prepared by differentprofessionals on the internet which address all the learning behaviors and can accommodate all
2LEARNINGthe learning preferences. Wide variety of learning tools and methods can be used to supportlearning of all needs. Moreover, they areimmediate, meaning learners can take assistance withimmediate access to additional online information to venture the topic where they have got stuckor can develop ideas on them. Online study material is constantly being updated according torecent discoveries and works and so they givecurrent information.Some of the researchers are of the opinion that online studies have limitations as well. Itis called“a solo act”. It does not become easy for many learners to participate in onlinediscussion forums or engaging effectively with instructors or virtual classmates. Many studentsneed personal contact to clear out many queries from their educators and trainers to learnsuccessfully. However these are not possible to solve them. Some type of learning processbecomes difficult to be addressed online and some queries even get lost among many inquiries.This makes them feel lack of support and reassurance (Arkorful and Abaidoo 2015). Secondly,another issue also stated by researchers is thattoo much time spent in front of the computeroron mobile screens becomes harmful for many students. They may suffer from poor vision, straininjuries and many other similar physical issues. Sitting postures, desk height and many others ifnot maintained correctly, may harm the students’ physical health. Unlike traditional learning, thismethod of learning lacks the tracking of progress and falling behind of students. Many studentsmay not be matured enough for maintaining self discipline and may not be enough motivated tomaintain a proper scheduled online studying course. Hence, this may act as a barrier wherestudentslack self discipline(Glance, Foresay and Riley 2013). Moreover the online tutorscannot control their students where the students may get the materials but may not pay attentionwhile going through the materials. Soa lack of controlmay be felt by online tutors as well.
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