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Surveillance of Vehicular Traffic Report

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Added on  2020-03-04

Surveillance of Vehicular Traffic Report

   Added on 2020-03-04

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Career Episode 3
Surveillance of Vehicular Traffic Report_1
CE 3.1 Project Information
Name of the project: Real Time Traffic Light Control Using Image Processing
Location of the project:[PLEASE FILL]
Project Duration:[PLEASE FILL]
Organization:[PLEASE FILL]
Role and Designation during the time: Team Member
CE 3.2 Project Background
CE 3.2.1 Characteristics of the project
Surveillance of vehicular traffic is essential for the smooth flow of vehicles in and around
the city. Parameters which are considered to be of the traffic control mechanism has always been
as topic of great research to produce effective traffic controller system. Using of sensors to
capture how fast a vehicle is moving or how much traffic has passed in a single day can be sued
to analyse the traffic flow of the road. Cameras with the ability of capturing videos and images
can be helpful in this situation. With the help of this and image study and measurement
calculation it will be easy to control the flow of traffic in a congested area. This is the idea which
our project has been based on. I have decided to produce a system which will be able to identify
the vehicles on the road and signal automatically to change from green to red and vice versa.
Moreover the data collected from the image processing can be stored and a quantitative analysis
of the data can provide a description of the traffic flow in the city.
Surveillance of Vehicular Traffic Report_2
CE 3.2.2 Objectives developed for the project
The objectives which I had set forward to follow to provide the best project were:
To distinguish between the absence and presence of vehicles in the road images.
To signal a traffic light to change to red when the road is empty.
To change the traffic light to red if the maximum amount of time permitted has elapsed and
there are still vehicles on the road.
CE 3.2.3 My area of work
Out of the three modules of the project, I had taken up the responsibility of producing the
software and the interfacing module. I had selected these two modules because of the experience
in working with Matlab and knowing how to connect the computer module to the interfacing and
the image processing module would complete the project.
CE 3.2.4 Project Group
Figure 1: The hierarchical project groupHead of Electrical
Head of Electrical
DepartmentProject Supervisor Project SupervisorProject Team
Member 1
Project Team
Member 1
(ME)Project Team
Member 2
Project Team
Member 2
Surveillance of Vehicular Traffic Report_3

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