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Running Head: SWOT1SWOT Analysis of IBM (International Business Machine)

SWOT2Introduction The strategic objectives of an organization are developed based on the external andinternal environment of an organization. The SWOT analysis is a strategic management toolwhich assesses the external and internal environments of an organization. The SWOT analysismeaning is identifying the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of a business.Identification of strengths and weaknesses is effective to evaluate the internal environment(Daman, Tripathi, & Mishra, 2016). It enables the organizations to get an idea on how theresources could be used to meet the business goals. The SWOT analysis also reveals the areaswhich are limiting the growth of the business and need to be improved. The forces in the externalenvironment influence businesses in different ways. From SWOT analysis, the businesses knowthe factors which are favourable for the growth. It also indicates how the external environmentmight restrict the business from achieving its goals. The current assignment deals with SWOT analysis of IBM (International BusinessMachine Corporation). IBM is a US-based multinational IT company. It started in 1911 andexpanded the operations in 170 countries (Research.ibm.com, 2019). IBM serves the clients froma diverse range of industries including banking, automation, chemicals, oil and gas, andeducation. The key marketplaces where IBM operates range from blockchain, analytics, Internetof Things to IT infrastructure, health, security and talent management. However, the IT industryis highly dynamic because of continuous advancements. The new trends emerge in the industrycontinuously and the organizations require adjusting their activities to cope with the trends. IBMalso needs to deal with a highly diverse environment because of its globally expanded

SWOT3operations. Therefore SWOT analysis is needed to obtain a clear view on the changing externaland internal environment. SWOT AnalysisStrengthsThe strengths of IBM are—1. High Brand Image-- The brand image enables an organization to attract the customerseasily. As an effect, businesses with a high brand image can attain sustainable growth in existingand new markets (Minocha & Singh, 2016). IBM has long experience of working in the IT andtechnology industry. It helped the organization to improve the brand image. The range andquality of product and services are the other factors which improve the brand value of theorganization and helps it to retain and attract the customers.2. Expertise in Production-- Expertise in production helps the organizations to designunique and high-quality products (Akter, Wamba, Gunasekaran, Dubey & Childe, 2016).Expertise is also necessary to increase the productivity of the organization. IBM acquires the besttalents and advanced infrastructure. It helps the organization to enhance the expertise inproduction.3. Intellectual Property Portfolio— intellectual property is necessary to protect the uniqueproducts of the organization from being copied. So, the businesses can retain a competitiveadvantage by offering customers with highly innovative products. IBM possesses more than10,000 patents in 2019 (Research.ibm.com, 2019). The vast portfolio helps the organizations toretain the customers with its unmatched products.

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