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Swot analysis assignment PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2021

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Running Head: SWOT ANALYSIS1
BUSINESS CAPSTONE Assessment 2: SWOT Analysis
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In order to achieve ones’ goals, one must be able to evaluate and critique oneself on a
personal level and use this critique to determine what steps to take. One must know their
strengths and weaknesses in order to build a strong foundation on which to base their growth
plan (Pluchevskaya,et al., 2016). A good leader is also able to identify opportunities that come
their way and perceive threats in order to address them properly. An effective way of doing this
is conducting an honest SWOT analysis (Pluchevskaya,et al., 2016). Once this is complete, an
individual can determine how to overcome their weaknesses and threats with the strengths that
they possess through the opportunities that are provided. This will allow one to build upon a
greater understanding of their abilities and shortcomings.
Analysis of Strengths
Upon completing the SWOT analysis on myself, I was able to identify some of my
strengths. I have a wonderfully supportive system of family and friends. Having them in my
corner has allowed me to achieve my goals of getting my accounting degree as well as my
business degree. This dual degree has allowed me to have not only an accounting background but
an understanding of business as well (Tokarev, 2002). I was able to achieve both degrees while
working full time and being pregnant with my first daughter. I have been told by others that I am
a fast learner as well as being very organized. Both traits allow me to take on new projects
quickly with little instruction. My supervisors typically assign new projects to me for this reason.
I consider myself to be very personable and try to make others around me more comfortable in
any situation. I believe these strengths align with the characteristics of leadership such as
passion, integrity, collaboration, respect, and honesty (Pluchevskaya,et al., 2016). I get all of
these things from my support group which in turn inspires me to pass along the same traits to
others. I like to focus on relationships with my peers as well as my clients, and all these
characteristics are needed in order to do so.
Analysis of Weaknesses
My husband tells me all the time that I am my own worst enemy. I can honestly say that
is likely the case a majority of the time. My weaknesses include a lack of personal confidence,
anxiety that can lead to panic attacks when it gets too bad, and I feel that I do not have the
education needed to achieve some of my professional goals (Pluchevskaya,et al., 2016). When I
look back on the leadership characteristics that I already possess, I realize that I can use some of
them to help overcome my weaknesses. Passion is a driving force that when harnessed can allow
you to go further than you could have ever imagined. As long as I maintain a passion for wanting
to achieve my goals, then I will be able to overcome my weaknesses. I feel that I will not be able
to succeed further in my career without gaining some professional certifications. While I have
the knowledge to complete my job effectively, I need the certification of Certified Public
Accountant in order to be considered for the level of partner. Until I achieve this level of
professional certification, I will not be considered for a promotion to that level of management.
Analysis of Opportunities
The opportunities that I have available to me now include completing more education as
well as showing exactly what I can handle in my workplace. Having a support team of family
and friends encouraging me along this path is helpful in being able to take this opportunity and
run with it. The firm that I am currently with are very encouraging in the employees achieving
new degrees as well as personal goals. Educational achievements are met with pay increases and
incentives. Time off to complete school assignments is readily given with no questions asked.
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