Task 1. The Gym group (Doc)

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Task 1Pure gym.Pure gym is a private company, it was founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur Peter Roberts.First gyms open in Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh in 2009. Meanwhile, the first one inLondon was in 2011.PureGym rebrands and launches its first TV advertising campaign.In May 2015, PureGym bought their UK rival LA Fitness.In 2016, PureGym announces partnerships with AXXA APP Healthcare, 02 and TomTom.Leonard Green, a US-based private equity firm, acquires PureGym from CCMP (TheAssociation of Change Management).PureGym on 14 January 2020, acquired Fitness World Group, the largest gym and fitnessprovider expanded in Denmark, with a growing presence in both Switzerland and Poland.Being the UK”s leading gym chain, without unnecessary extras or additional comfort and apioneer of the low cost, high qualitywhich consumers are familiar with those as its servicesthat creates their brand awareness. This is the second-largest gym and fitness operator inEurope.It operates over 260 gyms over the UK with more than 1.1 million members and at the end of2019 1.7 members across Europe, over 500 sites.Their USP,has astrongand highlyinnovative client-centred proposalthat isdistinctfrom conventional UK gym operators and appeals to a wide variety of clients.Affordable membership fees, no fixed-term contracts and "24x7x365" access to high-quality gyms are the main elements of the initiative.Low prices, this way by keeping prices low they are simple and makes surethat customers feel understood and making.High-quality gym, they are very well designed and maintained to keep theirhigh standards, with state-of-the-art equipment.Built around customers, offering between 50 and 80 free classes every weekinside it, large free weights and areas for cardio and a range of personaltrainers within your interests, you will find everything you need.No contract, this means that you have the freedom to join and to leavewhenever suits you.Open all day, every day. Whenever you are ready to train, most gyms areopen welcoming members 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.Online, there is available an app to join and book classes or freeze yourmembership in seconds.Multi-site access, available to extend your membership to access to additionalgyms in other locations.
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