TASK 1 Script on National Culture

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TASK 1Script on national culture National Culture is set of norms, customs, values of group of people of a sovereign nation.They may have different language, traditions, religion which differ their culture from othercountries. According to case study national culture of the two countries :- US and Tanzania arequite different(Helmreich and Merritt , 2017). Figure 1Hofstede's cultural index(Source: COUNTRY COMPARISON, 2019)This is further explained with Hofstede theory:-Hofstede Theory:-Different nation has their own cultural beliefs and work accordingly. These beliefs helpevery individual of the organisation to know at what principles they have work on and they learnhow to work ethically in an organisation. Now following there national culture may lead tolawful action against them (Morden , 2017).
Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory basically tells the way values in a workplace areaffected by culture of the nation. This theory has six dimension: -Power Distance Index:- This dimension basically reflect that less powerful people of asociety are not getting power to make their own decisions. In this case people demand toequalise the distribution of power. After study on both countries it is seen in Tanzaniathat people with less power are not allowed to make decision for the organisation. WhileUS is having different culture from Tanzania, where everyone is involved in decisionmaking (Liu , Meng and Fellows , 2015). Tanzania score 70 in PDI that reflect thatpeople like to work in hierarchical order whereas US is the country where PDI score is 40that highlight people like to work in flat structure, they want freedom and involvement inbusiness.Individualism Versus Collectivism:- according to case study as the name suggestindividualism in context of social framework is culture of the nation where everyonebelieve to work individually and make their own decision like in Tanzania. Whilecollectivism represent a framework in society where people believe to work together as ateam like culture of US (Bird and Mendenhall, 2016). Tanzania score 25 hence it hascollectivistic society where people like to work together. Whereas US score91thathighlights people like individual society.Masculinity Versus Femininity:- From the case study it is seen that US is having aculture where it believes in Masculinity that is according to their culture they givepreference to achievement and material reward for success as they believe in competition.On other side Tanzania is having a culture where preference is given to cooperation andpeople are consensus oriented. They give preference for caring of weak and quality oflife(Johnson and Cullen, 2017).Tanzania has 40 score that shows people of this countrylike to care each other and they believe in living a quality life. Whereas US score high 62in it here people give more wastage to incentives etc.Uncertainty Avoidance Index:- Country exhibiting strong UAI like in USA are havingintolerant behaviour and ideas. People their feel uncomfortable with uncertainty. WhileTanzania is having culture where people believe that future can never be known, so theyare having relaxed attitude(Tjosvold, 2017). Tanzania has 50 score and US has 46 score.

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