Exploring Leadership and Ethics through Simulation Analysis


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Task Description:This assignment requires you to critically analyse your individual and team experiences in the Everest Simulation by applying an evidence-based management approach. You will need to undertakethree (3)different types of tasks in preparation for writing your analysis: a reading task, an experiential learning task and a research task. Each task is described below followed by a detailed outline of the requirements for writing your assignment.(a) Reading TaskRead the article: Quatro, S.A., Waldman, D.A., & Galvin, B.M. (2007), ‘Developing holisticleaders: Four domains for leadership development and practice’,Human Resource Management Review, 17: 427-441.This article proposes how management education and leadership development programs can develop holistic leaders that are adept at operating in the analytical, conceptual, emotional, and spiritual domains of leadership practice.A link for accessing this article is provided on the course Blackboard site.NOTE: This article is required pre-reading for your second tutorial.(b) Experiential Learning TaskYou are required to participate in the Everest Simulation game and record your experiences in the Everest Simulation Log. (Note: The Log will be provided when you participate in the simulation at your practical session in the computer labs).Read over your Everest Simulation Log and identify the problems or issues that arose in your simulation experience which involve Leadership (Lecture Topic 2) or Ethics and Social Responsibility (Lecture Topic 3).(Note: This is a brainstorming stage. The aim is to identify as many problems or issues as possible that might be relevant to your personal experience before narrowing them down.)Compare the different problems/issues that you have identified. Choose ONE (1) problem/issue which involves Leadership (Lecture Topic 2)andONE (1) problem/issue which involves Ethics and Social Responsibility (Lecture Topic 3). Given that these two problems/issueswill be the focus of your assignment, you should try to choose problems/issues that you find most relevant, interesting or meaningful to your simulation experience.(c) Research TaskSearch withinscholarly management journalsfor articles that relate to the two problems/issues you have chosen as the focus of your assignment. A list of management journals that are approved for use in this assignment is available on the course Blackboard site.Find TWO (2) articles for EACH of your problems/issues. That is, you need to find two research articles on the topic of Leadershipandtwo articles on the topic of Ethics and Social Responsibility (four articles in total). Your articles must be published in one of the journals on thelist of approved journals (see approved list on the course Blackboard site). This list represents high quality, peer reviewed scholarly journals in the field of management, and we use these journals because they publish the best available scientific evidence.The following approach might help you to think about which articles are good choices for your assignment. What question is the author(s) trying to answer in their research and how does it relate to the problem/issue I’m interested in? What did the author(s) find? How do their findings provide evidence that is interesting and relevant to my simulation experience? What evidence does the article offer for solving the problem/issue I identified?How to Write Up Your AssignmentOnce you have completed the reading task, the experiential learning task and the research task,you should complete the following written assignment. The assignment has four sections, as outlined below. Your assignment must be presented using the sections as sub-headings. (Note: each section does not need to start on a new page.) It should be written in a formal academic style, although first-person voice is fine to use when you are describing your own simulation experience. Be sure to use double-spacing, 12 point font, and page numbering, and include in-text referencing, followed by an alphabetised reference list. More information on referencing is included on the course blackboard site. You must submit your Everest Simulation Log along with your written assignment but into a separate submnission folder on BB.
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