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Task Performance Criteria Assignment PDf

Added on - 18 Jun 2021

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Task Performance Criteria (Documentation) Due 29/5/18 word count 5oo wordsWritten health assessment(Nurse-Patient Interaction: Health Assessment Nursing Record)based on the Professional Communication taskperformance criteria for the nurse-patient interaction OSCA.Exceptional: documentation covering all aspects of the task as found on the Nurse-Patient Interaction: HealthAssessment Nursing Record. Demonstrates an excellent understanding of effective professional communicationin nursing. Evidence of exceptional use of written communication.Assesses the patient by using appropriate questions to elicit health information relevant to the patientanddocumentation.Part 1 –Student (nurse) engages in a general status health assessment with the patient. The student (nurse):Asks at least four (or more) questions related to patient’s healthAsks relevant initial assessment questionsResponds verbally and clarifies patientinformationResponds topatient’s questions and paraphrases understandingthrough discussion with the patient using culturalcompetenceAssesses the patient by using appropriate questions to elicit detailed health information relevant to the patient anddocumentation.Part 2 - Student (nurse) conduct a further health assessment of the patient by discussing detailed aspects relatedto this health issue and patient well-being. The student (nurse):Asks at least four (or more) relevant questions involving detailsabout the patient’s health issue usingcultural competenceResponds appropriately to the patient, offering somepossible explanations about the health issue / toimprove well-being.Assesses the patient by using appropriate questions to elicit health information relevant to the patient anddocumentation.Part 3 – Student (nurse) uses the health assessment information to:• Describe and confirm what the patient said• Discuss with the patient your understanding of the health issueand any
implication for well-being using cultural competence• Explore how this health issue and improvement in well-being might berelated to culture, values or personal beliefs.• Concludes the interaction and explains that he/she is at hand for any further assistance.401205 Professional Communication in NursingHealth Assessment Clinical NoteStudentNumber:StudentName:Tutor’sName:_______________________________________________________________________________URL for Health Assessment Video:_________________________________________________Clinical NoteStudent (Community – Registered Nurse):Use professional written communication to document thefindings from the nursing health assessment during the interview with the patientIntroductionDate:25/05/2018Patient’s Name:Bruce O’ GradyDateofbirth:14-May-1953Address:47 Leafy Avenue Broadfields 2173SituationReasonsforassessment,allergies,andrelevantpersonaldetails:Bruce is suffering from deep chestycough and has come to the hospital to improve his health through regular exercise and lifestyle modification.He is allergic to surgical tape. Bruce has a history of cigarette smoking and occasional drinking. He smokesthirty cigarettes a day and drinks six to ten standard drinks while partying with his friends occasionally. Hehas a busy life and thus he doesn’t exercise regularly, however; he often goes for swimming and occasionalafternoon walks with his grandchildren.Background(1 mark)Health history, general health and psychosocialstatus:Bruce is leading an unhealthy lifestyle. He neitherexercises on a regular basis, but also is a chronic cigarette smoker and occasional drinker. His overall BMI isnot within normal range and thus he requires lifestyle modification. Moreover, he is recently separated from hiwife thus emotional needs of the patient should be taken care of before making any intervention plan.LivingarrangementsandfamilyrelationshipsHe is separated from his wife and lives alone. However helives close to his son and his grandchildren, who require his constant support.Assessment(1 mark)
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