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Technology Evaluation Study Plan for Big Data Analytics in Cyber Security

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the technology evaluation study plan for big data analytics in cyber security. It covers research questions, methodology, limitations, and special considerations. The article also includes a timeline of events and references.
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Technology Evaluation Study PlanIntroductionTechnology evaluation study plan is a documented version of detailed content that emphasize thebasic and advanced characteristics of the selected technology. This technology evaluation plan isdeveloped as a case study for the selected technology such as Big data analytics. The criticalinfrastructure which is addressed by the solution of big data analytics is cyber security. Big data analytics provides the platform to analyze the related data from the cyber security areato find out the new risks and exposures. The main features of big data analytics technology arespecified as follows.Provides accurate and properly configured platform for the risks analysis for variouscategories of cyber security attacksProvides the intelligent platform to deduce the intelligence in the definition of theprocesses and procedures to prevent the attacks of cyber security.Capable to induce the confidence to security specialist to develop the robust and powerfulsolution for the cyber security.Strengthen cyber security postures and reveals the exposures by deep analysis of thesystems involved in cyber communicationEvaluation study with big data analytics technology brings the abundant knowledge foridentification of security risks and vulnerabilities, defining the intelligent environment byapplying the heuristics through the big data analytics for the various security risks anduncertainties. A detailed case study is prepared here for the evaluation containing the variousquestions to make evaluation of the reports for the mentioned technology such as big dataanalytics. The case study contains the research questions, methods and limitation of the proposedtechnology as big data analytics.Research questions
There are so many research questions associated with the big data analytics as a technology forthe cyber security. These all research questions are mentioned as follows.Is big data analytics is mature to apply in the field of information and cyber security?If big data analytics is the intelligent technology to derive the research and developmentof the cyber defense system then what are the various steps and modalities involved withthe process of big data analytics?What are the difference between big data analytics and other data analytics methods inthe case of research and innovations?How big data is collected for the analytics in the field of security and informationmanagement?What are the general aspects of the cyber security where the big data analytics providesthe platform to indentify different categories of risks and vulnerabilities.How big data analytics strengthen the confidence of researchers for finding the optimumsolution for the cyber security. Is big data analytics addresses all the five pillars of the information and cyber securityrobustly? If it addresses all five pillars of security in both cases such as informationassurance and information security.What are characteristics of big data analytics in case of the information confidentialityand its various risks and exposure to be assessed?What are risks and problems associated with cyber criminal when big data analyticstechnology used for breaking all the security mechanisms in the field of cyber security?What are security risks and vulnerabilities associated with critical infrastructure and howthe cyber criminal gains the accessibility by applying the intelligent mechanisms?These all questions related with big data analytics and cyber security must be addressed inevaluation process. The evaluation must ensure the proper solution of the individual questionwhich is presented from the review paper.Methodology

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