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Technology Implementation of Security Controls Template

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Added on  2019-09-20

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This template provides guidance on how to document the implementation of the proposed controls for network security plan. It includes objective of control, resources used, developing the control, configuration of the system, test plan design, test plan implementation, test results and analysis.
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Technology Implementation of Security Controls Template*Note: Your technology implementation follows up the strategies and controls you recommended in your network security plan. This template provides guidance on how to document the implementation of the proposed controls.Overview (one page)Make a brief reference to the controls you proposed in the network security plan (please refer to the Security Strategies and Recommended Controls section of the Network Security Plan). For this technology implementation, you are required to document, implement, and test at least five (5) controls (as shown below).[Control 1] (No word limit)Objective of ControlDescribe in which ways this control is to meet the organisation’s security needs. This is a follow up of your analysis conducted in planning the security. For example, let’s assume you recommended to use a RADIUS server. In this case, you may say that the purpose of this server is for users to be securely authenticated when accessing the wireless network of the organisation. Resources UsedDescribe the hardware and software resources you recommend implementing this control. In the RADIUS example, you should provide the complete technical specifications of the software and hardware; the type of RADIUS implemented; protocols (WPA, AES, PEAP, etc.); database to store user accounts; type of storage system; server operation system; and web interfaces to manage the server, database, monitoring, accounting, and reporting. Developing the control [proof of concept]This will be a proof of concept only of your recommended control using free open source software and your computer. In a real-world project, you will be using commercial hardware and software.Description of the SystemTechnical specifications of the open source software and your computer used to implement this control.Block DiagramAttach a block diagram to illustrate the proof of concept. For example, if you were to implement the RADIUS server above, then draw a logical diagram showing the following: 1.Wireless router.2. Range of IP address and subnets.*Networks and Information Security Case study - Copyright © Edilson Arenas - CQUniversity
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