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4. Test Process and Plans
4.1 Test Process [10 marks]
Documentation testing
It involved testing the documentation by analysing the various site functions that have been
defined, examining the final layout of the web system and creating the website test plan for more
The main things that are usually done at this stage involves The requirements, test plan, test
cases, website functionality, Traceability matrix
Website functionality testing
It shows what the system does. It ensures every function of the website works in accordance with
the requirement specification. It involves
Links testing that verifies the Outbound links, no link is leading to the same page, correct
internal links, no broken links, if there are non referenced pages, all the links that are used to
send e-mails to site admins.
Forms testing for all pages
This involves testing the input data, the allowed data field values, invalid input values for the
data fields, form options like deleting or editing data.
Cookies testing
Test the disablead as well as enabled cookies of the site. Ensure cookies are encrypted before
they are written on the users machine. Verify there is security when cookies are removed. Test if
the expiry time of the cookies work.
HTML/CSS Testing
The syntax errors in HTML, ensure the site is available in search machines. Ensure the sitemap is
accurate in XML and HTML format.
Usability testing
This involves testing the site with the expected users in order to identify the users ability to
understand to operate, input data and interpret outputs. This is achieved through
Navigation testing
Ensuring all the pages are easy to use and understandable, the shapes, buttons and fields are easy
to use, access to the main menu from all pages
Content testing
Proper placing and sizes of images. No grammar and spelling mistakes. Ensure the color palette
and font size are optimized. The content should be understandable, linked logically, informative.
Correct information with clear instructions
UI (User Interface) testing
Ensure it conforms to the graphical interface standards. The colors, font size, layout, captions,
text formatting, links, labels, text documents. Works in various screen resolutions. Length of
names against the interface element.
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Compatibility (Configuration) testing
Compatibility (Configuration) testing is performed to test your website with each one of the
supported software and hardware configurations:
OS Configuration
Cross browser compatibility (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera)
Database Configurations that can allow the site to work with various databases.
Printing compatibility that is the fonts, page graphics, page alignment can be printed properly
and all pages fit the paper size and the size defined in the printing option.
Performance testing
Test if the sites can withstand high loads through Load testing its behavior at increasing
workload , Stability testing Its ability to work within or above the acceptable period. Stress
testing it at or beyond the limit of its workload limit. , Endurance testing if additional workload
is given repeatedly. Volume testing through increasing the data in the database. Concurrency
testing when multiple users login to the site.
Security testing
Ensure inability of unauthorized access to secure pages .Verify that the sessions are killed
automatically after prolonged user inactivity. Ensure the SSL security is functional. Store
all attempts at breaking, through reporting errors that should be logged and stored in a separate
file. Test captcha using automatic scripts. Ensure permission before downloading restricted files.
No login when a wrong username or password is entered.
Change related testing
Run test cases that originally detected the bugs a couple of times ensuring they pass without any
Conduct Regression testing to Ensuring new defects have not appeared after the changes Check
all functionalities of your site.
Mobile-friendly testing
Quite a number People use only their mobile devices for Internet access that is why it is
important to ensure a website is mobile-friendly by testing the compatibility with smartphones
and tablets. Ensure simple site navigation. Optimize the site loading time , large buttons for
users with huge fingers, Avoid flash and pop-ups. Use short sentences and bullers, position
phone numbers in a position that is a click away. Ensure the website can access user location
through GPS.
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