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Coding Assignment Solution

Added on - 04 Oct 2020

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TextCodingItmeans a lot to be friends with someone. Someone thatunderstandsyou, helps you in your bad moods. I have one close friend withwhom Ishare a very close bondthat lives with me in our flat. Wewere already four people living in a flat close to each other beforemy friend moved in our flat with us after 1 week as she didn't likeher old roommates much. Initially we meet in our kitchen when shewas unpacking. I wanted to know her as we had already been therefor a week and developed a strong bond with my other room-mates.Wecreated a little bond as we talked, smoked together initiallyandfoundquite a bit to talk about as we had so much in common.Our friendship became stronger and wegrew closer to each other assmoked together, went out for a fag, talked and our bond becamestronger and stronger such that it feels that I have known her years,however I have known her since the stating of the September. Todaythis bond is that stronger that in summer I am evengoing to Irelandto meet heras she lives there for a couple of weeks. This livingtogether has helped usto know each other in a better way like Iknow much about her much more as compare to my other friendsback at home.We had seen the other side of each other which wegenerally do not see in others.Ithad been difficult sometimesbut we had learned to live with eachother as weunderstand each other so well that we know when weneed our own space and we need each other or need to spend timewith each other.Wespend our time together by watching televisiontogether, drinking before going outbecause we go out a lot exceptwhen exams are going on. Like recently when exams were going onwe didn't go out but on the day of out last exams when they werefinished, we had a big night out on Wednesday and enjoyed a lot asImportance of friendsUnderstandingStrong bondcreated a bondCommon likingCloser to each otherSpend time togetherVisiting her in summerKnow each other betterthan othersFaced difficultiesUnderstand needsSpends timeDifferent from each other
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